December 31, 2005

Look at these hot pics....seee I TOLD you I have BIG FUCKIN MUSCLES (and they're getting a little bigger since I got some new work out stuff for xmas)...I bet you wish you could eat my asshole...butt perv.

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December 30, 2005

Joe and I are both on camcontacts right now *smile* Our phone lines are on too....

holy shit I'm getting an insanely good reaction to the shoe auctions I put up....wwwow. *smirk* $$$

We've got an apartment application on the way, from this REALLY choice lovely apartment building in nashville...coming in snail mail....guh! ...the place has a swimming pool, and we'd have a deck, and its super close to everything...OI OI OI *crosses fingers*

Id like to remind you, I love David Bowie. I'm not in a big phase of listening to him at the moment...but...all hail DAVID BOWIE.

December 29, 2005

put up two more hot shoe auctions just now ;>

here's some cute pics from this morning:

December 28, 2005

I was just uploading hawt pics to my cam archives, and at the same time my live cam was on, click this banner to see other chicks on the site I broadcast through, or look for MEEEEE there:

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you know what. Im drinking some great fuckin wine, and I feel the need to point out that Im scottish, welsh, swedish, and sioux...and thats some hot shit. eat me you fuckin' retards, I was born to drink and fight. And I have big muscles.

MMMMmmmMMmmmm but how I swoon...I'm watching 'cry of the banshee' vincent price film. *pant*

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Also, just put up another shoe auction for some strappy brown buckled steve maddens. (you hafta register at ebanned before you can view the auctions, but you can preview them on the page I just linked).

everyone seems to think it's too good to be true, but you really get a fuckin' free full length porno movie here, cause of my webmaster promo code in the link:

December 27, 2005

I'll be live on cam later tonight, you can see the info about that here.

The beautiful Cerise (hot hot hot french hottie) emailed me today, and I'm now going to be featured in a lil interview on Journal Du Porn, a french publication. French, french french, I sure am enjoying saying that...while I fantasize about getting drunk with Cerise. *smirk*

Also, Rotger (the loose skrews singer) got the pics, loves em, and is deciding between two he likes best for cover of their new album, due out in '06. *smile*

I just put up a new auction for the foot freaks, for some yellow 'heels' ;> You can see my auction page here.

here's some dippy pics from last night after I was playing with my new crimper, ...bad lighting, and drunk as fuck:

GOD I can't wait to move.

December 26, 2005

December 25, 2005

Barton Fink is a really great fucking movie. John Goodman and John Turturro are both fuckin' deliciousley brilliant yar. I want to watch my yogi bear's xmas tape...but joe is insisting on xmas episodes of futurama at the moment..

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I'm moving to Nashville TN ... donate to the cause? you KNOW how expensive moving is...uhauls...ughhh....motel money....first and last rent....gas money...blah blah..and then of course you hafta buy tons of shit whenever you move into a new anyway, all you need is an account to donate to me through here, an amount of your choice:

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Merry Xmas n' all that, yay!

I think I'll be doing some live streamin' cam today, which of course is through cam contacts (did you know you can watch my fucking cam on your CELL PHONE!?!? rock)

wanna see more big hot asses like mine? ;>

omg look at this horribly hilarious shit:

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December 23, 2005




We're gonna try for Feb. 1st ....he finally folded when I showed him the low nashvhille rent prices on *smile*

I just broke my fucking keyboard. I ran to my laptop and ordered a new one right away, of course....but I can't use my desktop until like ... Dec 30th or something. *sigh* I feel like killing people. Well...more so than usual.
heres some pics from my lil loose skrews picy shoot today (resized to fit my blog):

December 22, 2005

less than a day left for my nasty sissy auction..

Should I open a bottle of champagne? It's noon...

last night:

So how long have I been in buffalo, ny now? Over two months? I still want to I babbled about a few weeks ago... this dwight yoakam song expresses my feelings perfectly (aside from the fact that my wander lust wont make me LEAVE Joe, just harrass and beg him to come with me):


He's now again going on his spiel about how 'moving doesnt make your life better' it doooooes Joe.

I've got a poll in my yahoo group right now, asking if people think I should go to nashville, or memphis, etc etc... yea.

Kustom Topsites!

I really think I should be in the album of nudie bitches on Hank 3's website.

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December 21, 2005

I FUCKING HATE 'THE HORRORPOPS' ...hows about you stop pretending they make good music.

go buy me shit. now. why? because I'm a hot bitch, and that's what money is for.. jessie's amazon wishlist...

Did another session with (the smallest dick in the WORLD) 'tiny':

you can see more pics of THAT sickness, and also PRETTY pics of me ;> in my yahoo group

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