April 30, 2009

It just gets better and better.... clap your hands and slap your dick, it's the debut of JESSIEKITTYSHOPPE.COM!

Not only is this store simply cool, hot, and righteous... it means now I'm fucking INDEPENDENT!!! No more splitting your money with some fucking company... it's all for ME now, bitches! Just how I want it... just how you want it. Payment options, currently, are niteflirt & mastercard (through ccbill). I'm working on getting my visa approval. Yes. Fucking excellent. You will blow all your money there, and you will love it. JessieKitty Shoppe is your new reason for living. What a gift I'm giving my boys.. life is so much more fun when you have a hobby. *smirk*

This wouldn't have been possible without the generous help & impressive skills of the divine MZ DEVON!!! She's my new favorite entity! (yes, entity, because she's supernatural bitches).


JessieKittyLand = Paradise.

My gorgeous new moped has arrived!!


100_2894 100_2893

If you see a hot blond zoom past you on pink lightening... it just might be ME! *hehe* ..I've been having so much FUN riding it.. it is perfection. But.. now that me and my boyfriend no longer travel on four wheels... shopping trips are a hassle. That's why I made my amazon grocery wishlist... so you lovely fucks can do the heavy lifting FOR me ;> Also, I just had one of my boy toys foot the bill for a new water service. This monday they'll come install the cooler/dispenser and deliver my first 20 gallons of water. (20 fucking gallons? hahaha I hope I can make room in my storage space for all those jugs)!

Anyway... I'll be a little foofoo now and post pics of some of the food items that have come... along with other awesome wishlist shit. (much of which has been purchased by my newest DIRTYBOY toy, good job perv):

100_2911 100_2848





(two new pairs of Dior's ... mmmmm I'm addicted!!!)!



(fuck riding to the store every two days to buy paper towel. YOU buy it for me).

100_2842 100_2843

mmmm soy crisps!



how I love Wolfgang Puck!


that tivo is beyond fucking righteous. I have it hooked up to the internet, therefor it's connected to my netflix and amazon accounts.. which means endless entertainment! I shut off my cable, no need for that now!

There have been lots of other gifts sent, but I only feel motivated to take pics when they arrive in giant loads, like that. My DIRTYBOY also just made my fucking month by buying me A DRUM SET!!!!!!!!! I'll be taking LOTS of pics when it arrives. *scream* ....you be a good JessieKittyFool and continue to please me: wishlist now!

p.s. .... hahaha @ the way my silly little animals end up with their tails in all my pics!

NITEFLIRT BOYS - be a fooool for Miss Jessie, play my new HARDCORE video drain game:

April 24, 2009

Big news! I have a new website for all of your JessieKitty content needs! Visit now:


April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to living legend, John Waters!


I sent him some fan mail today *hehe*. Snail mail, of COURSE!


April 20, 2009

hehehehe @ the british boy I'm playing with right now:


he likes to buy me stuff from my uk amazon list (which is available for any of you little maestro card users).


Find more videos like this on MissJessieKitty
it's a paolo conte kind of morning in JessieKittyLand

my new scooter is coming today!!!! I'm not looking forward to putting it together... but I'm looking forward to everything after that's done ;>

April 17, 2009

(for niteflirt boys)

Test your luck, perv! Pick a slot machine! JessieKitty's Silly Slots:

April 16, 2009

more wall art via the womens public restrooms of Nashville Tn. (I'm starting a collection).


April 15, 2009

I love it, I love it. I'm popular with the French! Now if I could just get Japan to be a main player on this list....


April 14, 2009

I'm fuckin' insane, didn't you know?

04-08-2009 19-08-2104-08-2009 19-09-07

I love MIYAVI!!!!!


He fucking turns me on so much. I've got almost ALLLL of his music now ;> Thanks Mike!



I'm emailing back and forth with a rad play toy boy I just met... and I'm saying a bunch of profound great stuff. I'm going to copy and paste some of it here, it will seem disjointed and sloppy, but please try to get through to the message:

it's kind of disturbing to roam around *** and see like.... for example... theres many guys on this site who don't seem to be incredibley smart... but they're nice, they're honest...

you go to some guys profile, and he has spilled his guts on it, describing things about .. the way he feels inside that he's probably never even said outloud to anyone. baring his soul, baring his sexuality that he's probably really insecure about. ... thats serious business, it deserves respect...

and then a bunch of these fucking tacky *** come post generic ridiculous shit on his comments... it's not right. it really fucking irritates me. first of all, don't be a fucking embarrassing flock of sheep all repeating the same shit.... second, do not disrespect a human being by acting like he's just some fucking turd put on earth to pay you, when he doesn't even know you. it might be ok to treat him that way once he wants to be YOUR possession... posting generic shit like that on a profile that is probably really important to him, an innocent stranger.. just pisses me off. Even if it IS some dumb ass perv who clearly doesn't care... why would you want to make YOURSELF look like an idiot, by posting such things? What, just desperate to get another cd from your wishlist? Must you try so hard?

I mean I'm not some kiss ass slave hugger... anyone who wants my TIME or wants to get to know me better have a wad of cash in his hand, sure... but I'm not going to invade HIS little world demanding shit, when he doesn't even know me.... I mean... that's fucking pitiful! I really resent people who want shit to be all fake and stupid and unconnected.

I really appreciate it for what it is, when someone opens up and shares these things with me. I mean, I'm an old soul, I'm really fucking smart. I'm scary smart. And I feel it is my duty to council people.... it can mean taking their money while I rub my ass on their face loving my sexy self, or comforting them and letting them know that its ok to want the things they want while I order them to dress like a girl, or sniff my feet. My desire *IS* to make people feel good. I mean, I have to feel good first hahaha... but that's what I'm into. Providing PLEASURE all around. It makes me feel good about myself.

I am not at all interested in hurting anyone innocent. (innocent meaning they only have good intentions towards others). This doesn't mean I have a problem with verbal abuse or 'pain' if that is what the person is really really looking for... because that's all just stupid fantasy crap and it isn't who they really are. It's just some kinky fun.

But I am very grossed out by the fake fucking 'I love to hurt hurt hurt you' shit, from dominants.

its like..ok... if that's true.... then you're a disgusting criminalistic pig and you should be gotten rid of. You feed off of hurting feelings? You sexually get off on making another human being miserable? You are exactly what is wrong with the world.

I have come across some submissives who clearly had severe mental problems. Ones who were really really into fucked up abuse and wanting to be mentally HURT, for real. I cant deal with those types. I just end up trying to comfort them and fix them, and then they go away because Im not giving them what they want. I just can't bring myself to do it. I can't pretend that I'm not a caring loving person.

...and that's why I've never been a part of the 'bdsm scene' in 'real life'. I dont go to fetish parties or any of that bullshit, because I'm not interested in the embarrassing fake retarded trendy run of the mill antics of that type of person. ..that vibe is painfully strong on ***. V***, the chick who owns the site is for real, and so are several other chicks. ...but most of them... ugh.

If you're going to claim to be some powerful vixen... shouldn't you be attractive? Shouldn't you be smart? Shouldn't you put some effort into yourself? Shouldn't you be ORIGINAL!?!?!?

Fucking boring greedy cows taking gross unattractive pictures of their stupid feet in their dirty bedroom with a bare mattress and a garbage can in the background? Oh yes, all men should fall to their knees and worship you. *snort* fucking gross pigs. They shouldn't be allowed to be on the same website as I. That really just kills me. Undesirable lazy fucking women barking their stupid faces at a bunch of real submissives trying to make a buck, or trying to get people to buy them stuff off their wishlist (which is full of ugly shoes and has NOTHING on the purchased side?) haha. God I'm bitchy today. But then again, they just make me look good.

I am not a man hater. I love men. I prefer men to women, in every way. Gay men, straight men. I love men. The only other chicks I like are hot rad chicks like me. Us RAD girls have to stick together, because we're the minority. We cling to eachother when we come across each other.

Have you noticed all of the fakey untalented bitches come off as man haters? Do they hate men because men don't really want them? Or do they appear to be man haters because they're so bad at the fake domme persona they're trying to create...hmmmmm...I bet if they even HAVE boyfriends theyre fucking ugly and gross and poor and treat them like shit.
Oh my god.... look at THIS... I didn't even know these pictures existed, because I was so DRUNK when I took them! It's me, getting drunk as FUCK, doing niteflirt calls while staring at myself on webcam. HEHE!

04-04-2009 02-28-2604-04-2009 03-29-06
04-04-2009 03-33-2304-04-2009 03-37-34

it's more than likely I stumped into the bed face first mere seconds after that last pic was taken. HAH!

and here's some more pictures of me drinking... hmmm....no hair extentions...

04-01-2009 21-44-3004-01-2009 21-44-55
04-01-2009 21-49-1604-01-2009 21-47-41

oh look... its me... in the morning... how interesting *der*

04-02-2009 10-03-2704-02-2009 10-00-12
I got my super fucking righteous DIVINE album!

04-08-2009 19-05-09

time to laugh again at some retard sissies who I drained!





someone needs to buy me the fat boys movie from my wishlist!