April 14, 2009

Oh my god.... look at THIS... I didn't even know these pictures existed, because I was so DRUNK when I took them! It's me, getting drunk as FUCK, doing niteflirt calls while staring at myself on webcam. HEHE!

04-04-2009 02-28-2604-04-2009 03-29-06
04-04-2009 03-33-2304-04-2009 03-37-34

it's more than likely I stumped into the bed face first mere seconds after that last pic was taken. HAH!

and here's some more pictures of me drinking... hmmm....no hair extentions...

04-01-2009 21-44-3004-01-2009 21-44-55
04-01-2009 21-49-1604-01-2009 21-47-41

oh look... its me... in the morning... how interesting *der*

04-02-2009 10-03-2704-02-2009 10-00-12

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