April 30, 2005

Oi, I've been busy!

Gene Wilder is on Conan right now....GOD I LOVE GENE WILDER!!!!!! *scream*

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April 25, 2005

So, I got a bunch of totally righteous shit in the mail today, bought for me by my Aussie boy....white yoga pants, white (triple five soul) hoodie, and white/lavander sketchers. So sporty...so fun....you can see right through the pants. I love it. Do YOU wanna buy me shit that makes my cunt twitch in pleasure? Go shop on my wishlists. <3

Just uploaded some Lou Reed, and The B52's to my radio blog. I've got the best taste in music...eat me bitches!!! rawr.

heres a pic of me while I was listening to lou reed and being all gooshy:

Tom Waits is sueing general motors, for ripping him off in a comercial *smile* I hope he wins.

April 24, 2005

Sunday, bloody sunday. *sigh* My least favorite day of the week...the boredom is smothering me! *scream* Thank god 'IT' is on, or I'd be outside digging holes, to bury the lameness of this day. Guh!!!!!

On a more interesting note...I've been having a lot of thoughts about TRAMPLING lately. I can't wait till I move, and I can start doing R/T sessions...I want a stupid old bitch sugar daddy to walk on. I wanna squat n balance on his fuckin face, and watch him turn red. *giggle* I love a fool with a Foot Fetish

April 23, 2005

I've been doing some live cam on camcontacts this week *weeeeee*....also updating in my cambang members section, don't forget, I've uploaded some righteous music there, so go have a lookie. ...I've also had my phone lines on, you can find info about that here: jessiekitty.com/phone.html (last night I had entertaining occurances with a dude from alaska, heheh)

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Im loving it when I have slaves from other countries... there's more potential for me actually being interested in them. American slaves are chill though too...

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April 22, 2005

SpookyLinks Cam Portal

I'm spun out on zantrex....WOO WOO WOO! THE CROMAGS KICK ASS! Heheheheh. I feel like a locamotive. *rawr* ...I'm having a fabulous fucking day, even though it was SNOWING this morning. My little dog Vincent is so cute, he comes and sits on the couch and supervises every morning when I do my work out dvd. I swear to gawd I should like...make a site about him. He could totally be famous! ...I'm fucking pissed at amazon, they just emailed me saying the CROMAGS cd I ordered is unavailable...really, then WHY THE FUCK DO YOU LIST IT FOR SALE ON YOUR SITE!?!??! *stabs them a million times* ...but hey, you should go buy me some shit from my wishlist ;>


Hier gehts zur MoneyDom100

Join my *new* toplist! *wee*


also, my sex toy store has been revamped:

April 20, 2005

Happy 4/20 bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ding ding ding* Smoke some weed ya square.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the mucho suave BARB of b4rb.com today...she's fuckin cool n shit dude! She's a beautician and she has a salon IN her house! <3 Her site (which is refreshingly NON PORN) has like a billion 24/7 STREAMING cams! It's totally addicting to watch them, you get to see her running around being cute, her boyfriend doing boyfriendy things, and her fuckin righteous dog piddling around the house. I swear to god, her pup acts JUST like vinnie, russling around on the couch and whatnot. *sigh* yep, coolness.

So I found this very affordable excellent little stair stepper work out dealy on my amazon wishlist ...its only 39.99, so go fucking get it for me ya slut. I added a bunch of other work out gear too, including a very fun looking 'salsa' work out dvd. Mmm!

April 19, 2005

So, the pilates and diet have finally REALLY started paying off, Ive lost inches, I'm so pleased!

I revamped my victorias secret wishlist, filling it with hot clothes, bikinis, bras n undies, (and shoes), in my new size. *faints in happyness*

You should go pick out some hot shit for me!

Jessica Eastwood
PO BOX 1282

when you're filling in the address, leave the 'street address' blank, and just fill in the PO BOX.

You'll make me SO happy!

JessieKitty's Victorias Secret Wishlist

my girlfriend MICHELLYNN is on One Tree Hill tonight, WOO!

April 17, 2005

I just did my cardio/pilates dvd for the 2nd time today, and Im fuckin PUMPED, RAWWWWWWWWWWWR!!!!!!!!! ....I'm also giddy cause I'm gonna TRIP toniiiiight *woot woot woot* ;>

I've had my phone line on all day, fyi. Also, I've made some new recordings, so ccccheck it out!
I have the wierdest dreams....it's fuckin strange when you dream about people you know on the INTERNET. Huh.

I have a new interesting little..thing going on. This dude from new york...he pays me 25 bucks every time I call his house and leave a message, humiliating him for being a slut for my feet. He's such a perv, he fantasizes about having my 'stockings' and underwear in his mouth n shit. *smile* ....how I love my gaggle of slutty perverts. speaking of 'stockings' check out this skank pantyhose site. Ew!

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April 16, 2005

Good news! You can now donate to my moving fund through gottapay, (just like paypal) address to:

or click this button to send $50:

OR you can send me money through amazon, which is all ready to go with your amazon account:

send me money through the amazon honor system

April 14, 2005

I now have 24 jars colonizing! 12 creeper, and 12 of cambodian. It's going to be a *very* trippy summer ;>

You should go here to see a list of cam portals I'm on ...mm yes.

Get your ass to my forum as well, there's been revamping, and much more action there lately.

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April 12, 2005

dont forget, you can see me live every day @ the cambang camportal

ooo I've been a busy girlie today! ...two interesting occurances so far...

as a reward for the hundreds of dollars he sent, and the amazon wishlist purchases he made (target card, new socks, new gym shoes, tank top) I'm sending him a reward note, and a pair of my dirty socks *giggle*

now...look at this stupid chastity bitch:

do you want to be my snail mail slave? *smile* send a tribute and a letter telling me ALL about yourself to:
PO BOX 1282

April 11, 2005

Its fucking heartwarming when I go to my hit tracker, and find people making complimentary darling posts about me in forums and stuff, saying 'go look at this hottie' with a link to my site *weee*...thanks guys, keep posting about me! It makes me smile.

TWO MORE new recordings! ...ooo dirty yum yum, go listen, I DEMAND you listen to ALL my recordings, and give them all the highest rating possible....then call my live phone line, and tell me about it *grin* jessiekitty.com/phone.html

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April 9, 2005

I made a bunch of *HOT* new xxxy recordings! (for submissives) ...go check them out here ...give me a high rating, bitch!!!! :D

So...my boyfriend told me I'm his hero, because I accomplish whatever I set my mind to...that is one of the coolest things anyone's ever said to me *wee* ...it really made me think. And you know what? He's right. I feel empowered!

IM MOVING!!!! *so so happy* ...you need to help me move though, dude...its fucking expensive. Check out my little moving mission here.

I'm totally busy, so I'll write more tomorrow<3

April 7, 2005



I'm moving back to st paul / minneapolis next fall! It's been decided. Me and my boyfriend are going to get a house with my two favorite gay boys. *hurrayyyy*

you know who turns me on? B. Fonda :

April 6, 2005


Michellynn won on 'the starlet' ...WOO! I know its just a gay reality show....but I was really rooting for her, go me! :D

I had a blast performing on cambang last night....you're gay if you missed it *the finger*


and *THANK YOU* to the lovely gent who purchased this beautiful shoe and bag set from my amazon wishlist ...now get your sweet ass over there and send me some more shit<3

April 2, 2005

UrFixUp - another profile site like thedilly, ftj, and myspace.

so, I spent yesterday recovering from an EXCELLENTE trip I took...and today I was ready to get back 'to it' and get energized n whatnot.... I had a really yummy cappuccino when I woke up, attended to some business online (laughing at some fat ugly pig slave who payed to pull his chest hairs out on cam for me), straightened things up a bit, did my work out, and just not came in from a delicious hour of lolling about scantilly clad on my porch, watching my dogs run around and act cute in the FABULOUSLY warm beautiful weather. In fact, I think I might spend some more time out there in a bit. Its so fucking warm and lovely....after such a long sick winter (my first winter in wisconsin) I am just flipping out with joy at this weather. *hurray!*

When I get all happy n peppy like this, I'm in the mood to meet new bitch boys. If you'd like to get to know me on the phone, go here and join (its free, and you get five bucks to spend), then email me and I'll turn my line on (if it isnt allready)....and if you're just dyyying to see me on cam, you can pay me through moneybookers and we can chat online while you view my cam. (I will NOT get nude for you, if thats what you're interested in go here) ... ;>