April 2, 2005

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so, I spent yesterday recovering from an EXCELLENTE trip I took...and today I was ready to get back 'to it' and get energized n whatnot.... I had a really yummy cappuccino when I woke up, attended to some business online (laughing at some fat ugly pig slave who payed to pull his chest hairs out on cam for me), straightened things up a bit, did my work out, and just not came in from a delicious hour of lolling about scantilly clad on my porch, watching my dogs run around and act cute in the FABULOUSLY warm beautiful weather. In fact, I think I might spend some more time out there in a bit. Its so fucking warm and lovely....after such a long sick winter (my first winter in wisconsin) I am just flipping out with joy at this weather. *hurray!*

When I get all happy n peppy like this, I'm in the mood to meet new bitch boys. If you'd like to get to know me on the phone, go here and join (its free, and you get five bucks to spend), then email me and I'll turn my line on (if it isnt allready)....and if you're just dyyying to see me on cam, you can pay me through moneybookers and we can chat online while you view my cam. (I will NOT get nude for you, if thats what you're interested in go here) ... ;>

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