January 31, 2009

this is a good listen, I wish a lot of people who I consider to be in need of enlightenment about Obama would spend a few minutes with this Alex Jones w/ KRSONE (as guest) radio show. Don't be blind. Don't pretend.:

It's time to wake up. Knowledge is power!

January 22, 2009

oh boy... there is soooo much to report.... OI! I'll start with the good news. ;>

I've got lots and lots of FUCKING HOT new photos! I'm being a little slow about getting the sets posted in my photo store, but they should be up within a few days. Here's some samples to tide you over:

..I made this really righteous tribute video for the excellent psychobilly band Batmobile's website, BatmobileForever.com:

Find more videos like this on JessieKitty

There is lots of new stuff in my video store, including crazy fetish vids (like nasty CUCKOLD fantasy stuff! heheeh!).

now... for the crappy news...

first of all, some pitiful disgusting fucking loser has been impersonating me on this website 'fubar.com'... Its some social networking site for drunk sluts and people with no lives. I registered there in 2006 (I always register on every new site with the name jessiekitty so others cant use it)... and I never thought of the site again until a nice boy contacted me pointing out the bullshit. Here is the fake profile: http://fubar.com/user/2239618
...they were calling themself "Jeka" ...as if...people steal my photos all of the time, but this sick fuck has really taken it to a new creepy extent. He had over four hundred pics of me, he even had albums of pictures of my fucking APARTMENT!!! ..he stole pictures, and videos, and was even posting pictures of MY FRIENDS!!! (they were very pissed to learn about this).

Well. Obviously I took action. I contacted a bunch of people on fubar, the supposed moderators.. they acted like fucking idiots and told me if I dont want my pictures stolen then I shouldnt post them!?!?!? Stupid pigs. Finally some nice guy on fubar pointed me to a certain guy who handles deletions that he said I should talk to. I spoke to the dude and he's taking action and getting rid of the fake account. I'm also getting the fakers photobucket account deleted since its full of content stolen from ME.

This faker had TONS of people convinced that they were speaking with the real JessieKitty. I think he even used a cam splitter to play a video of me on webcam and tricked these people into thinking they were camming with me. Gross. Those gulible fucking fools. They just wanted so DESPERATELY to believe that JessieKitty would have anything to do with them, hahaha laughable. I use the computer to work, and to speak to my REAL friends. I am not a sad fucking idiot who lives on their computer like these fubar people. Anyway. You can see my REAL fubar profile here: http://www.fubar.com/user/71722 ...you have no idea how many idiotic websites I'm a member of just to maintain my reputation and keep freaks from impersonating me. *sigh*.

....ready for some MORE shitty news? *sigh*

Well.... the other morning I was taking my new rescued pitbull puppy Baby out for her morning walk. She hadnt been spayed yet...and she was in heat. I got totally attacked by some male dog. I was there, my chihuahua was there, and my pitbull was there... and this horny male dog was there. There were leashes tangled all around me, dogs and barking and teeth everywhere, and then all of a sudden just like that, Baby's leash was jerked out of my hand, and she and this male dog were off running.

They were so fucking fast, they were just GONE. I flipped out. My boyfriend flipped out. We drove around looking for her etc. I was so heart broken. Well... two or three hours later, guess who showed up at my door, dragging her leash with a DIFFERANT male dog with her! The bitch went and got gang banged, hahaha! Ok. So. Crisis averted, we made an appointment for her to get her shots and get spayed the very next morning. ...the next morning comes, we drop her off. We pick her up the next day... after paying 400 dollars for the spaying and shots.

An hour letter, the vet calls us back. Nippers Corners vet in Nashville Tn. They call to tell us 'oh, oops, we never GAVE your dog those shots we charged you for"..... so we made ANOTHER appointment for her to get her shots the next day. Wait... it gets worse.... an hour after this call, I look over at Baby who had been laying on the floor ever since she got home and... and... HER FUCKING STOMACHE WAS HANGING OPEN AND BLOOD WAS OOZING OUT ALL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously I COMPLETELY LOST IT. I looked closely and saw that there had only been two shitty little stitches holding this big four inch incision closed. Two shitty little stitches that busted right open when all she did was lay on her back and stretch. We call the vet, we bring her right in.. and what? what?? THEY TREATED US LIKE IT WAS OUR FAULT THAT IT HAPPENED. She had to have her stomache stapled shut, and then they said 'oh yea, and she needs antibiotics and a head cone'.... uh... where the fuck were the staples and antibiotics and head cone this morning???? why werent these given to her in the first place!?!? on top of all of that... THEY FUCKING CHARGED ME ANOTHER 65 DOLLARS TO FIX THEIR OWN MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nippers Corners Vetrinary Clinis in Nashville TN. Never fucking take your animal there. Spread the word. I already told my ups man, in detail. He loves me, so I'm sure he's going to make a point of spreading this information to all his customers with pets.

This is fucking unreal, right? Have you ever heard of such QUACK vets? I am making it my mission to tell EVERYONE I can find this story, so that this doesn't happen to any other pet owners. I mean I trusted these people with my dogs life, and they acted like lazy stupid incompetent morons. They will pay for this. They want us to bring baby back in ten days to get the staples removed? No, I dont think so. If they dont fall out on their own, I will fucking bring her to a different vet. Oh, thats another thing. I have another new kitty who needs to be fixed, and when I take him in, whichever vet I end up going to is going to hear ALL about this shit at nippers corners, and they will surely go to great lengths to spread the bad word about their competition. *smirk* Dont fuck with JessieKitty or her brood. You will regret it. (Joe thinks this might have been a set up to drain more money out of us, if so, thats fucking sick). I'd also like to add that when she came home she drank three bottles of water, as if she hadnt had a drop of water in the over 24 hours that she was at the vet :| As I was looking over the receipts I noticed this little splurge at the bottom that said 'WE OFFER DOGGY DAY CARE!' .. and I'm thinking, "yea right, when fucking hell freezes over you butchers".

Now. On a happier note, I mentioned that I have a new little kitty cat to deal with! I'll break it down really quick: day 1 - gorgeous orange kitty starts living on my windowsill. I threw tons of food out for him. day 2 - kitty is back and he wants IN, he will not go away... and truthfully I dont want him to, because I am a shepard and I can't turn away little babies in need. I feed him more. Pet him some. Give him love... but left him outside because I live in a one bedroom apartment and I already have a lot of pets. day 3 - the little angel is back and this time he's mewing pitifully and staring at me, for hours. Joe and I talked and as he heard the kitty mewing over the phone he breaks down and says "just take him in, you know you're going to'... I let the kitty in. I left the window open. He came in and refused to life, which meannns... I now have another kid! I named him Simon. Here are a bunch of fucking adorable pics of the entire bruhaha.

the little doll. So, with Simon, Baby, Eira, Roy, and Vincent that means I have fucking three cats and two dogs. Yes... this means a lot of money will be spent on vet visits and litter and food. If you're interested in helping me out with these expenses you can send me an amazon gift certificate. to jessiekittycom@gmail.com:

or you can send me cash via amazon through this donation button:


speaking of amazon.... there is something very very entertaining on my wishlist that other 80s children might remember:

GARBAGE PAIL KIDS!!!! ahahahah!!!! I was a huge fan of these, I had a giant collection and now I want them again. They're sooo fucking funny. GarbagePailKids.com

hehehe fabulous. Someone recently bought me the garbage pail kids MOVIE from my wishlist, its so silly, I reccomend you check it out. Do you remember the episode of The Cosbys where rudie got in trouble for sneaking to watch this movie with her friends? hahahaha, YEA!

speaking of the 80s... and early 90s... as I was fucking around on youtube watching Annie Lennox videos, and I was totally astounded to see that John Malkovich and Hugh Laurie starring in her Walking on Broken Glass video!!!! Ha! Awesome! I used to do jazzercise to that song when I was a kid ;> Unfortunatly I cannot embed any of annie lennox's youtube videos because she's got it blocked... but I can link it from crocmusic, so here you go... spot them:

Annie Lennox - walking on broken glass

great song, great video, great all around. yummy. I am ordering you to go subscribe to her youtube channel because she's fucking righteous ;> annielennox.com

As I was digging on that stuff, I got a little boner to go watch some HEART too, god I love this song 'Crazy on You' ... oh my god check out the cut out shirt the male guitar player is wearing, hahaha nipples!!!! The Wilson sisters are bad ass, I've been singing this all week:


And I can't mention this era without paying tribute to ROXETTE !!!! (I remember singing this song to myself in like 8th grade gym class while running around the track):


January 19, 2009

rejoice, slave sluts and fabulous fans! you can now send me 'tips' 'tributes' or whatever you want to call your 'cash donations' via your amazon.com account, REALLY easily .. just like paypal! Here's a button to send me 25 bucks, use it!:

January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday David Bowie!!!!!
and Elvis!

January 7, 2009

Being who I am, doing what I do... I run into a lot of stupid people on a regular basis. Usually I ignore it... but when someone acts especially revolting, I feel compelled to 'tell on them' by posting about it. Check out the comment that this shining example of shiteousness left on one of my myspace photos today:

The little prick. First of all, let's explore his profile. What do we find? He's into slipknot (ew!) and he has a bunch of little banners all over his page saying 'fuck you, fuck you, die' and the like. He has a banner with a joke on it making fun of retards. He named one of his photo albums 'pimp shit'...and he labels his blog with 'I hope this pisses you off'. He has gross piercings and he comes off creepy, and mental in general. Yea, he seems really concerned about being a 'good role model'.

Now lets talk about his bullshit views. It's wrong to shake your ass? It's wrong to take hot pictures of yourself? If a chick acts like a sex toy, it means she has no self worth? No. All bitches capable of doing so should be sexy and fun, otherwise they're a failure, in my opinion. Maybe he has issues with chicks like me because his girl appears to be a plain baby factory. To actually answer his generic question, I'd say I post sexy pictures on myspace because it's good for business, because I enjoy it, and because others enjoy it. I'm being myself, and it's doing very well for me. Jealous? ...that shit about it not being SAFE for me to post these pictures is ridiculous pitiful paranoid propoganda, too. If I weren't the SMART bad ass girl that I am, yea maybe I'd end up in dangerous situations, considering the fact that I meet submissives for sessions, and do all of the public stuff that I do. But I do not EVER run into any trouble, because I am brilliant, and I am running shit.

What is HE doing on my page anyway? Mr family man, with his ugly girl, ugly daughter, and his insipid little attitude about 'being good'. Would his wife or girlfriend or whatever appreciate him oggling my pictures? In fact, why did he even add me on myspace? It's not like I know him... I just accept any and all of the hundreds of requests I get every week. ...huh... telling me I appear insecure... insecure MEN always treat chicks like me this way. They can't have me, so they try to hate me.... but they just can't look away, mm? ;>

Was he feeling guilty about being a little bitchy perv and digging through my shit? Did he say that idiocy at me to try to make himself feel less guilty? Or, as his profile seems to imply, does he just enjoy pissing people off? In any case, he wins the 'worthless bag of blood' award for the month. The second I saw that comment, I felt the need to shoot off a dumb snotty little email at him:

January 3, 2009

so. last saturday night.... I went downtown to bar hop all by my lonesome. Joe was working down there for the night, so he could drive me home once I got all plastered, yay! Downtown Nashville is really really fucking fun *wee* (I'm actually having an inner battle with myself right now, trying to decide if I should go party tonight.. I should really save money, and my liver... mm)...

Anyway, I made my rounds of all the main bars, had a fucking blast, met a bunch of cute people and bands, and yeehaw. (I insighted this one adorable couple to swing dance to elvis, what a lovely sight)..Then Joe met up with me after his shift, and we continued to party. We had a WONDERFUL night, I love this city, etc etc etc. ...but....

on the way to the car, we stopped back at the ritzy place Joe had been working that night, to order food..and as we were standing around waiting this bleary eyed drunken navy guy came stomping out of the establishment. He was in full regalia....and the second he saw me, after coming out the door, he ran up to me and started hitting on me. He asked me how much it was going to take to get me back to his hotel room with him (hahah)!!! Joe was busy talking to a friend of his, and I found this navy man very laughable, so I continued to talk to him. ( Joe's friend asked 'is she going to diss you?' and Joe said 'no, she knows what she's doing'). I was being a rude brat at the fool and laughing at him the whole time, but he was too busy blabbering to listen to what I was saying. He fucking called me a 'woman of the night' hahahahah!!!!! That's what my MOM used to call hookers!

He ranted and ranted at me, pretty much just singing his own praises and telling me that I need to go home with him. He was middle aged and sloppy drunk and not fucking attractive at all, even in his impressive uniform covered with medals. He put his fucking hat on my head, ewwww tacky! Well. Anyway.... as he ranted he got stranger and stranger, yelling about how he's a high ranking mason, and how he's in the aryan nation, and how he's KILLED people and blah blah blah blah. The hostess came out and told Joe the idiot had just gotten kicked out of a wedding party inside *hehe*.

By this time, Joe is getting annoyed..he starts talking shit to the sad egotistical fuck. Weirdo had been yammering at me and hanging all over me for like 15 minutes...and then somehow in the drunken crazyness, I got this navy man to PAY FOR THE FOOD Joe and I ordered. He handed the money to JOE even, hah! After we got our food, the guy started again trying to get me to go home with him. He was all like 'do you want to go home with that guy, or do you want to go home with a NAVY CAPTAIN' blah blah blah. I laughed at him, put my arm in Joe's, and said 'this is the dick Im sucking tonight'. Then Joe challenged him to fight, and the guy ran away back into the lounge. Big fucking navy man, huh.

HA HA HA HA HA FUCKING HA!!!!! The douche bag was treating me like a hooker and being insulting towards my boyfriend, and I turned it around on him and got him to pay for our food as we treated him like shit, laughed at him, and dipped out. Life is grand when you're JessieKitty! And I don't really mind him thinking I'm a hooker, ugly people who can't understand hot sexyness are always making that mistake ;>

God, I'll never forget the time I was like 21, my friend Leon was like 19 or something... and we were in this bar 'the norshore' in duluth minnesota... we were all fucked up, and this really handsome dude came up to us and asked 'are you professionals?'... well... our young asses didn't know what he was asking so we said YES, hahahaha!!!!! He bought us some drinks, and then he was like 'hmm lets go party'... Well. it turned out he was a fucking mental case who wanted to smoke speed and have an orgy, so we ditched him... but it's a hilarious story. .....Maybe you had to be there ;>

here's a few cell phone pics from this crazy past saturday, I took them when I was in a silly bar who's theme is 'trailer park':

I should also mention that while I was in 'the wheel' I was accosted in a bathroom by an excitable lady from texas who got all silly with me and made me go tell her husband he makes the best beef brisket in texas, we were hooting and being crazy drunk sluts, ahahaha it was so great. Again, you had to be there.

January 2, 2009

new videos in my vid store (please remember to page through the whole store, when I make filthy fetish vids I sometimes hide them in the back)...

and sexy new photo sets posted to my pic store....

..including videos and captures of one of my dirty dirty cross dressing sluts Kari. I did some majorly fucked up long distance sessions with the whore, and recorded it all for my profit and your perverted viewing pleasure ;> here's one of the screen captures:

on a lighter note, I've got a series you MUST investigate. It is "Clatterford" (us name) / Jam and Jerusalem (uk name).

Another wonderful Jennifer Saunders creation, featuring our favorites Dawn French, Joanna Lumley, and more. If you dig fucked up fabulous british humour (sic) then you MUST GET THIS NOW!!!!

God I love it when Dawn French plays a crazy person....

this just makes me want to pull out my 'girls on top' dvds ;> thats another excellent fucking show, but its not 'new' so you better already know of it *wags finger*.

God... I could go on and on and on about all of the shows these chicks have been involved with that I love... and ade. *sigh* fuck yea.

so... yesterday was the annual 'winter classic'! I'm amazed that chicago lost after the righteous leed they had *sigh*. It was still fun to watch though. Im not even going to mention the suckyness of going all the way to a game to watch your team lose (dammit predators!... they also had a game here in nashville, yesterday). And Mats Sundin didn't even play, hmph! God I love him, the dirty bitch.