January 3, 2009

so. last saturday night.... I went downtown to bar hop all by my lonesome. Joe was working down there for the night, so he could drive me home once I got all plastered, yay! Downtown Nashville is really really fucking fun *wee* (I'm actually having an inner battle with myself right now, trying to decide if I should go party tonight.. I should really save money, and my liver... mm)...

Anyway, I made my rounds of all the main bars, had a fucking blast, met a bunch of cute people and bands, and yeehaw. (I insighted this one adorable couple to swing dance to elvis, what a lovely sight)..Then Joe met up with me after his shift, and we continued to party. We had a WONDERFUL night, I love this city, etc etc etc. ...but....

on the way to the car, we stopped back at the ritzy place Joe had been working that night, to order food..and as we were standing around waiting this bleary eyed drunken navy guy came stomping out of the establishment. He was in full regalia....and the second he saw me, after coming out the door, he ran up to me and started hitting on me. He asked me how much it was going to take to get me back to his hotel room with him (hahah)!!! Joe was busy talking to a friend of his, and I found this navy man very laughable, so I continued to talk to him. ( Joe's friend asked 'is she going to diss you?' and Joe said 'no, she knows what she's doing'). I was being a rude brat at the fool and laughing at him the whole time, but he was too busy blabbering to listen to what I was saying. He fucking called me a 'woman of the night' hahahahah!!!!! That's what my MOM used to call hookers!

He ranted and ranted at me, pretty much just singing his own praises and telling me that I need to go home with him. He was middle aged and sloppy drunk and not fucking attractive at all, even in his impressive uniform covered with medals. He put his fucking hat on my head, ewwww tacky! Well. Anyway.... as he ranted he got stranger and stranger, yelling about how he's a high ranking mason, and how he's in the aryan nation, and how he's KILLED people and blah blah blah blah. The hostess came out and told Joe the idiot had just gotten kicked out of a wedding party inside *hehe*.

By this time, Joe is getting annoyed..he starts talking shit to the sad egotistical fuck. Weirdo had been yammering at me and hanging all over me for like 15 minutes...and then somehow in the drunken crazyness, I got this navy man to PAY FOR THE FOOD Joe and I ordered. He handed the money to JOE even, hah! After we got our food, the guy started again trying to get me to go home with him. He was all like 'do you want to go home with that guy, or do you want to go home with a NAVY CAPTAIN' blah blah blah. I laughed at him, put my arm in Joe's, and said 'this is the dick Im sucking tonight'. Then Joe challenged him to fight, and the guy ran away back into the lounge. Big fucking navy man, huh.

HA HA HA HA HA FUCKING HA!!!!! The douche bag was treating me like a hooker and being insulting towards my boyfriend, and I turned it around on him and got him to pay for our food as we treated him like shit, laughed at him, and dipped out. Life is grand when you're JessieKitty! And I don't really mind him thinking I'm a hooker, ugly people who can't understand hot sexyness are always making that mistake ;>

God, I'll never forget the time I was like 21, my friend Leon was like 19 or something... and we were in this bar 'the norshore' in duluth minnesota... we were all fucked up, and this really handsome dude came up to us and asked 'are you professionals?'... well... our young asses didn't know what he was asking so we said YES, hahahaha!!!!! He bought us some drinks, and then he was like 'hmm lets go party'... Well. it turned out he was a fucking mental case who wanted to smoke speed and have an orgy, so we ditched him... but it's a hilarious story. .....Maybe you had to be there ;>

here's a few cell phone pics from this crazy past saturday, I took them when I was in a silly bar who's theme is 'trailer park':

I should also mention that while I was in 'the wheel' I was accosted in a bathroom by an excitable lady from texas who got all silly with me and made me go tell her husband he makes the best beef brisket in texas, we were hooting and being crazy drunk sluts, ahahaha it was so great. Again, you had to be there.

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