January 2, 2009

new videos in my vid store (please remember to page through the whole store, when I make filthy fetish vids I sometimes hide them in the back)...

and sexy new photo sets posted to my pic store....

..including videos and captures of one of my dirty dirty cross dressing sluts Kari. I did some majorly fucked up long distance sessions with the whore, and recorded it all for my profit and your perverted viewing pleasure ;> here's one of the screen captures:

on a lighter note, I've got a series you MUST investigate. It is "Clatterford" (us name) / Jam and Jerusalem (uk name).

Another wonderful Jennifer Saunders creation, featuring our favorites Dawn French, Joanna Lumley, and more. If you dig fucked up fabulous british humour (sic) then you MUST GET THIS NOW!!!!

God I love it when Dawn French plays a crazy person....

this just makes me want to pull out my 'girls on top' dvds ;> thats another excellent fucking show, but its not 'new' so you better already know of it *wags finger*.

God... I could go on and on and on about all of the shows these chicks have been involved with that I love... and ade. *sigh* fuck yea.

so... yesterday was the annual 'winter classic'! I'm amazed that chicago lost after the righteous leed they had *sigh*. It was still fun to watch though. Im not even going to mention the suckyness of going all the way to a game to watch your team lose (dammit predators!... they also had a game here in nashville, yesterday). And Mats Sundin didn't even play, hmph! God I love him, the dirty bitch.

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