April 29, 2004

!boobie power!

my new porn post
I need a gym membership. Being as I don't know anyone here in delaware (I just moved here) ...Im starting to feel like a dipshitty shut in.

the gym seems like the perfect solution....
I need more tattoos. NOW! rar.

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April 28, 2004

elton john saying the american idol voting is racist? fucking please....its not. it was LAST TIME when studdard won over that spry faggot.

mm jerrys on WOO

April 23, 2004

damn check out this gangbang vid

April 20, 2004

happy 4/20

April 17, 2004

'the specials' song "why?" is really righteous...and it addresses your average neo nazi rager correctly....but the song would be a lot more meaningful if it paid some attention to the fact that tons of blacks are racist against whites as well.

still the line "you follow like sheep in a wolves clothes" applys to motherfucking EVERYONE about EVERYTHING. so right the fuck on!! rar!!

I should also keep in mind WHEN this song came about. Things were differant then I spose.

mm....saturdays suck. I like weekdays better.

I need new fucking clothes for the season. AND I need tons of shit for the new house.

so....lovers of yours truly....send me allresell.com money, listen to my recordings, join my site (even though Im basically on hiatus)...and um....buy me shit from my wishlist....annnnd send me gift certificates for victorias secret and etc etc etc.

heheh *wiggle*

p.s. ...if you want fill access to my pictures and cam archives, but you dont really want to 'get involved' you could always join cambang ...you can look at all mah shit without having to deal with my psychotic reality.

April 10, 2004

ew why the fuck am I up so early.....

thanks for getting me my speakers t. !!!!

god ...the stereo is down in the livingroom so Ive been listening to cds in here through the dvd player.....and thats just fucking annoying yar.

April 8, 2004

you know...the band L7 is so....correct.

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then check out the blessed blessed MAD TV site. ;>

April 2, 2004

Ah....Im back.


I LOVE delaware.....love my new pad....yes. all is well in J land.