February 23, 2007

All the bitchy work and packing is done. Now Joe and I are just partying and being lovers until it's time to leave. The 27th, at about 6am. Oh boy! ...tomorrow is my birthday by the way. I'm gonna be 26. Do the right thing and buy me shit.

Pics of me, extremely drunk, from the past week:
02-17-2007 17-44-3702-17-2007 17-39-37

02-17-2007 17-30-3202-15-2007 23-13-32

02-15-2007 23-04-3402-15-2007 23-04-05

02-15-2007 22-56-1702-15-2007 22-54-25

02-15-2007 23-01-2602-15-2007 22-46-22

February 20, 2007


Reggie always turned me the fuck on.

February 16, 2007

Joe and I turned into moaning groaning sex zombies last night and fucked for hours ...we were saying probably the sickest shit we've ever said to eachother. It was heaven. We used up all the condoms dammit. We were so busy fucking allll evening and night, we forgot to eat dinner. (which I suspect is the reason for my evil brandy hangover, along with dehydration from all the physical activity heheh). Previousley we'd been drinking and acting like sluts on the computer with some of our hot friends. What good times!!!! ....now we're piddling around at the kitchen island eating some lovely lovely omelletes that I made. (one of the few things I can cook decently). They have broccoli, cheese, leeks, cherry tomatoes, chillie peppers, and salsa. Mmmmmm! We're watching some adorable 'looney toones babies' cartoon.

Sabres winning last night was fucking hot, and with Max scoring a goal on a broken wrist! I hope he heals fast ;/ And oh my GOD I can't believe the Predators got Forsberg, where did that come from? I'm glad though, can't wait to go to a preds game!

February 15, 2007

get your fucking ass here right fucking now, and watch that video. Make sure you watch it to the end. Oh my god. Joe and I are high on endorphines now...
I'm gonna be online on camcontacts everyday once I move, and have a NORMAL internet connection again. Join and get familiar with the system so you're all ready for my return. ;>

I updated my cambang section the other day, fyi. Obviousley I've been really fucking busy, which is why I haven't taken any new pics in the past few weeks. Once Im settled in, I'll be buzzing online again, rar.

Submissives: you can always listen to my recordings if you need a kitty fix while I'm away. I'll also have my live lines on here and there, even though I'm not around the comp. Be a pal and click my links often!

February 12, 2007

I took this picture right after someone irritated me. Grrrrrr!


join my members section. now.
see jessie's cam pics from the last 3 years!!

February 11, 2007

I've known this hot little doll and her master for a million billion years. They rock shit you're scared of, and I love them for it. CherryTorn.Com:

Doing shots of whiskey, and packing. Hurray!

I'm taking a break and sitting here watching Billy Idol's 'Hot in the City' video. It's turning me the fuck on. He is the epitome of hot white male. *scream* ...Joe is watching with me, getting randy and telling me he likes it that I wanna fuck Mr Idol. Go Joe! ....thats right Billy..... tear off that clothes.... be a peeping tom. Whack off. Myea. The rebel flag with elvis on it alone made me ..moan.

Billy Idol: He, his music, and his videos still turn me on like no other. Enjoy.

Hot in the City:

Dancing With Myself:

and here's the link to: Eyes Without a Face


and for good measure, go watch Judas Priest: Breakin' the Law!

February 10, 2007


Originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.
I LOVE the band DeadBolt... I've been listening to them non stop lately. You should check their shit out on myspace, and their website downinthelab.com ...yay!

dead3 dead2
uh oh. I've been playing with rich crackheads. Naughty naughty naughty! see more in my forum:

there are retards pretending to be associated with me, and begging for money from strangers again! *sigh* man this shit is old. read about it in my forum.

NOTICE: I do not EVER tell strangers the contact info for my 'friends' ... I do not EVER approach strangers, or send other people to. I do not EVER beg pitifully for money, I simply demand it from willing participants.

here's the latest, in an email received from a friend:

I got an IM from someone named Andy, Yahoo Messenger ID: miller_221. He started out asking if I knew you, then stated you had referred him to me and then wanted to know if I had a Credit Card. Then wanted to know if I had $20 bucks to spare.He kept trying to avoid telling me the reason, trying to pressure me into giving him the money. The stated reason was to put money in his friend (twistedchick917345)'s bank account because she had no food and was starving. I offered to purchase food an d have it delivered, and asked for her address so I could find a grocery deliverer nearby (hell even Restaurant, or a gift card to a grocery store) but no he just wanted the money, So I called him a scammer and blocked him.
The only reason I put up with it for that long is that he referenced you specifically, an I was trying to find the connection. If you really did refer him to me then he can email my other acct and I might help them out in a safer way. I f not then he might be hitting your friend list.
Anyway I thought you should know.

February 8, 2007

I just got the news. It's official. We're accepted. I'm moving to Nashville in less than three weeks. HOLY FUCKIN SHIT WOO! I've got hella shit to do now. We're currently drinking whiskey and freaking out to Mad Sin's 'Dead Moon's Calling' .. donate to my moving fund!

Also, Anna Nicole Smith is dead. What the fuck.

February 7, 2007

I like the band Here Be Dragons. They kick fucking ass, so go check em out. Welsh Pride.


Here Be Dragons on Myspace


February 5, 2007

I'm waiting with breath that is baited for the Nashville apartment lady to call and tell me I have the apartment. pray for me.

Also..I'm listening to Del Shannon, moaning and screaming the lyrics in response to emotional turmoil I'm currently experiencing in my 'love life'. insanity. I vow not to drink until cocktail hour.

Cheer me up, send me moving money, and buy me cool t shirts from my amazon wishlist: jessiekitty.com/wishlist.html

February 2, 2007

Rotger, of The Loose Skrews, wearing a jessiekitty.com shirt. yummy:


February 1, 2007

I lose a lot of business because I pretty much don't have the ability to be civil to dumbasses...and nearly all bdsm people are fucking so stupid they make me want to head butt my computer. i.e:

beastlyvamp: hello
jessiekittycom : ....
beastlyvamp: i saw Your website
beastlyvamp: it was intereting
jessiekittycom : so
beastlyvamp: what exactly do You do, dominate?
jessiekittycom : *snort*
jessiekittycom : I guess your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired
jessiekittycom : fuck off flake

I'm not a bdsm person you know. I'm not all into 'the scene' ...I don't think bdsm is cooool. I think its fucking gay. Fuck you losers. I just take your money, and you like me cause I'm being myself... not playing some faggot 'domme' role.