February 10, 2007

there are retards pretending to be associated with me, and begging for money from strangers again! *sigh* man this shit is old. read about it in my forum.

NOTICE: I do not EVER tell strangers the contact info for my 'friends' ... I do not EVER approach strangers, or send other people to. I do not EVER beg pitifully for money, I simply demand it from willing participants.

here's the latest, in an email received from a friend:

I got an IM from someone named Andy, Yahoo Messenger ID: miller_221. He started out asking if I knew you, then stated you had referred him to me and then wanted to know if I had a Credit Card. Then wanted to know if I had $20 bucks to spare.He kept trying to avoid telling me the reason, trying to pressure me into giving him the money. The stated reason was to put money in his friend (twistedchick917345)'s bank account because she had no food and was starving. I offered to purchase food an d have it delivered, and asked for her address so I could find a grocery deliverer nearby (hell even Restaurant, or a gift card to a grocery store) but no he just wanted the money, So I called him a scammer and blocked him.
The only reason I put up with it for that long is that he referenced you specifically, an I was trying to find the connection. If you really did refer him to me then he can email my other acct and I might help them out in a safer way. I f not then he might be hitting your friend list.
Anyway I thought you should know.

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