January 31, 2008

me and joe are drunk, and live on cam through camcontacts. ;>


We're listening to The Chop Tops, who're hot hot hot shit! http://www.thechoptops.com



Mmmmmmmmmm righteous:
God I hate this time of the month, fucking rent and bills are all always due at once. *puke* I feel like stomping on some faces. *growl* Joe is at work right now, and I'm putting more highlights in my hair, and tweaking my house cams. My phone line is on, feel free to call. ...I can't remember if I've blogged yet about the fact that you can now buy my videos in MP4 format for your ipod/iphone!!! I'm slowly converting them all, so you'll see them being added to my video store. Rad!

01-28-2008 15-41-5501-28-2008 15-43-30

Click here to buy JessieKitty some lovely groceries from amazon.com! (do it, now! :D)

the guy who bought me this stuff got to see Joe suck my tits on the webcam when we were drunk, hehe

joe spanks me while you blow your money on me *heheheh*

I am soooo pumped about this hot eyeshadow set some fuck bought me from sephora:


January 30, 2008

look at this piece of lovely crap I just made, my first 'movie project' thing ever:

Joe and I are having beers and fuckin... having fun and stuff. Yay. Im about to put on some excellent music *rar*. We're on cam, btw.
directions for spying on my 24 hour a day VOYEUR house cams (just $5 per week)

first you go here and join rude.com

then, from my rude homepage you click on the live house tab, or you can just click the direct link here. Then just subsribe to my house cams, five bucks a week, righteous. ;> Someone needs to get me the wireless webcam from my wishlist so I can set up more rooms.

January 28, 2008

Joe and I took a shower together before he went to work just now, yipee! We're gonna be partying on cam tonight, so you can watch me through camcontacts, or buy your minutes ahead of time at my members section.


thank you to my mystery shoppers for these latest items to come in the mail (I always forget to take pics of my presents, fuck I finally remembered):

bleachgif bra

I used the bleach lightning kit and the foils to highlight my hair, hot:
01-26-2008 13-22-3501-26-2008 13-24-44

01-26-2008 13-26-3601-26-2008 13-27-11

01-26-2008 13-29-0101-26-2008 13-29-29

01-26-2008 13-31-07

these lovely items came from my cbttoy, who bought them on my amazon wishlist:
01-25-2008 16-09-08

You really need to check out my forum to see the INSANE shit that's been going on with all my bitch boys! Example:

We just got home from my 'appointment'. it was more of the same, like last weekend. and it was excellent. *smile*

January 27, 2008


Fucking excellent. Here's Creepy Rick's Youtbe Page.

clips4sale will not LOAD for me. it hasn't for the past three days. I'm confused. I have new videos to upload to my members section and vid store, but when I go to both places firefox says 'unable to connect'. What the fuck? It's loading for my friends n' customers, cause I'm getting sale notifications. *frown*

January 26, 2008

happy birthday paul newman

I'm making cupcakes! And... my hair has been highlighted! Woo!

dolly partons new video, featuring amy sedaris!

January 25, 2008

jessiekittygify1 jessiekittygify2

two days ago I got up early and obsessively cleaned out my bedroom. I took all the furniture and everything basically except my clothes in the closet out, cleaned the room, cleaned the furniture (Joe tightened screws and repaired all the little shit that need attention).. then we mounted red bamboo, and moved everything back in, in a differant arrangement. I also organized every single fucking thing, and did the same in the bathroom. It was very refreshing, a fun project, and now the bedroom rocks WAY more. I LOVE the vibe of my little computer area now. see:

cleaningthemess4 cleaningthemess5
cleaningthemess2 cleaningthemess3
ahthatsbetter ahthatsbetter2
cleaningthemess6 ahthatsbetter5
ahthatsbetter3 ahthatsbetter4
ahthatsbetter6 ahthatsbetter7
you can see the full size pics in a thread I made in my forum.

January 24, 2008

so I was randomly digging around google, and ended up at this website: http://www.arrse.co.uk

It's this british army people forum... It's really strangely interesting. Fucking weirdos.. It's fun to spy on the way they talk when they're being all casual, and slangy, and badly behaved. And British. Here's a direct quote from someone named 8esar - "Cheeky little skip rat" ...thats fucking rightous! They have links to their little stores, and theres this one for CANDY, and it has 'message mice', I want some!... look:


*sigh* oh you crazy crazy british soldiers. Being all snotty to eachother and such. *wiggle* I do believe I've stumpled upon internet gold. I'm totally going to stalk this place.

January 22, 2008

Bobby Vinton


It's so rad that Bobby V is touring right now. *sigh* He's got so many gorgeous hits there're too many to count.


Joe has tomorrow off, so tonight aught to be really fun ;> I'm about to join him... as soon as I'm done obsessively youtubing the above.

Someone needs to buy me this album right away:

January 21, 2008

I fucking adore Eddie Cochran.

I wish Joe would hurry up and get home from work. I miss him *pout*.





read about it here. ..if you dare..

EHehehehe my sinful slave who I met and fucked up last week is coming for another session this weekend! *eheheheh* I like smacking around bitches! Yayyyyy! Chaching! Too bad he's a stupid pussy about me bringing a camera. Any high paying humiliation sluts who're interested in a R/T session involving lots of CAMERAS, email me!

That puts me in such a good mood! Now buy me shit.



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