January 25, 2008

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two days ago I got up early and obsessively cleaned out my bedroom. I took all the furniture and everything basically except my clothes in the closet out, cleaned the room, cleaned the furniture (Joe tightened screws and repaired all the little shit that need attention).. then we mounted red bamboo, and moved everything back in, in a differant arrangement. I also organized every single fucking thing, and did the same in the bathroom. It was very refreshing, a fun project, and now the bedroom rocks WAY more. I LOVE the vibe of my little computer area now. see:

cleaningthemess4 cleaningthemess5
cleaningthemess2 cleaningthemess3
ahthatsbetter ahthatsbetter2
cleaningthemess6 ahthatsbetter5
ahthatsbetter3 ahthatsbetter4
ahthatsbetter6 ahthatsbetter7
you can see the full size pics in a thread I made in my forum.

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