June 30, 2007

Feet. Hm. Yesterday I did two lil cam parties with dudes who are into the footies. I brandished my feet, amongst other things. Fun stuff? Maybe. But then I told Joe about it (he himself digs my lovely paws), so it got him all riled up. After awhile of us laying in bed all fucked up and half awake, he pounced on me and we had really yummy passionate wildish sex. First he ate me hardcore with his chin pressed on my bum and his nose pressed on my clit meow! Then we fucked with me on the bed in a right angle with feet in the air, and him kneeling on his knees in front of me, making the magic (hehe). The whole time he was positioning my feet in all the differant lil ways that turn him on, and licking em and stuff. And when he came (after me of course) he shoved my feet in his mouth and it was really loud and dramatic and cool. ...I love those kind of fetishes that really don't involve anything gross...and are just fun and play play. I don't really HAVE any fetishes like that though.... I mean I like the whole body...not that fetish people DONT, but I dont get off harder because of looking at or touching any one body part. I just like chins and arms and tummys and all the normal hot dude stuff. heh.

Just thought I'd share.

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June 27, 2007


Im sitting here taking my vities for the day, and I notice my MilkThistle suppliment's brand name is 'Sundown'. Now is that really appropriate for a vitamin? Does it make you think anything positive?

Me and Joe are going out to do random crap, in a moment. Its all pretty and sunny, yay! He's hunting for a new job, oh boy. I'd really like to go to the river front downtown...hm.

I've been on live cam a lot lately, which you can view through camcontacts. It's free to join, dammit. As always you can find pics of me @ cambang <3

Well. It's a new day, and I'm feeling calm, so lets just decide that last night was FUN and EXCELLENT!

and lets watch these fabulous vids, cause they're hot! *swoon, in love*

I had dreams last night that makes this Roy Oribson hit important:

Oh Del Shannon *cling*

Dion SANS his Belmonts, with the Del Satins (haha, sans)

omg BOBBY VEE! *swooooon* hahaha check out the scary dancing!

ok Im posting way too much music shit here, so just CLICK THIS to see a list of Beach Boys vids on youtube.

June 26, 2007

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06-22-2007 14-57-5006-22-2007 14-58-51
06-22-2007 15-02-12wow this is sure getting a lot of views!
Im really fuckin drunk and Im really fuckin angry. I just walked around my apartment complex looking hot, and screaming 'what the fuck are you looking at' at everyone who was looking at me.

I wanna start some trouble. I wanna get in a fight. I already called Joe and told him how I was feeling, and he's being nice to me now, because he knows Im not just flapping my stupid face when I say Im feeling volatile. Im considering walking over to this mexican bar to give dirty looks to people, before he gets home, so he cant stop me from going. That'd be mean though, cause he'd worry. But I want to. *dumb drunken rage*

I'd love nothing more than to beat the teeth out of one of my stupid worthless submissives, right now. Bunch of stupid fucking perverts who THINK it'd be hot to face my fury. I'd relish in making the arousal in their eyes turn into revulsion fear and anger. I want to see people die. I totally fucking feel alone right now, therefor I've got nothing to lose....but at the same time I've got a boyfriend and pets to respect. Hmph. I dont fucking care if that doesn't make sense. If you don't get it, youre a fucking retard.


June 25, 2007

Im fuckin drunkie. I went n' rambled around and now Im in my lil housey drinking beer and I just wanted to quote a notable comment from the conversation I'm now having with my beloved Jordan: 'getting drunk and smacking ass is what life is all about'.
Ive been busy consuming substances and doing my wierd excellent shit... if it stops raining today, I might walk over to the crappy little bar near my house and make people uncomfortable. here's some pics from a few days ago.

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06-20-2007 20-53-2806-20-2007 19-56-23
06-20-2007 19-48-3406-20-2007 19-37-49
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