June 30, 2007

Feet. Hm. Yesterday I did two lil cam parties with dudes who are into the footies. I brandished my feet, amongst other things. Fun stuff? Maybe. But then I told Joe about it (he himself digs my lovely paws), so it got him all riled up. After awhile of us laying in bed all fucked up and half awake, he pounced on me and we had really yummy passionate wildish sex. First he ate me hardcore with his chin pressed on my bum and his nose pressed on my clit meow! Then we fucked with me on the bed in a right angle with feet in the air, and him kneeling on his knees in front of me, making the magic (hehe). The whole time he was positioning my feet in all the differant lil ways that turn him on, and licking em and stuff. And when he came (after me of course) he shoved my feet in his mouth and it was really loud and dramatic and cool. ...I love those kind of fetishes that really don't involve anything gross...and are just fun and play play. I don't really HAVE any fetishes like that though.... I mean I like the whole body...not that fetish people DONT, but I dont get off harder because of looking at or touching any one body part. I just like chins and arms and tummys and all the normal hot dude stuff. heh.

Just thought I'd share.

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