February 28, 2006

I just got done doing my workout and I feel like Im gonna yarf. I didn't drink enough water.... and I guess all the putting my head near the floor, then whippin' up to the ceiling like uh... made me yarfy. ...but its a new work out, and I dig the fuck out of it....it's five ten minute segments, each focusing on a differant part of the body..the chicky Chris Freytag is lovely (sometimes the work out instructor chicks are annoying, so finding good ones is important) :

of COURSE I had to play it on my laptop so I could watch jerry springer on tv while I did it.... tehe... oo look vinnie wants to bulk up:

February 27, 2006

no, The Donnas do not rock. No, The Donnas are not hot. When is everyone else going to figure that out?

whoa, me peeing a month ago!

see more totally wrong pics of me here <3

...god I'm sick of winter.

February 26, 2006

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February 25, 2006

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me just now, with no make up... vinnie, my fav tat on joe, and my bum bum ;>

February 24, 2006

eee its a special day in Jessie land, and my boyfriend just came home with treats to celebrate: dvds, toys, cake, soda, lasagna, and weed. *wiggle* also, fabulous cds arrived in the mail today.. Blitz - Bobby Vee - Dion & The Belmonts - Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. *clap* .... the text below was posted at midnight last night btw:

February 23, 2006

fuckin tripping.... drunk on champagne....staring into action listening to Joe play ziggy stardust on the guitar.....sucking on shots of vodka while singin' velvet and nico 'femme fatale'... yea.

February 22, 2006

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here's some from yesterday, and this morning...by the way, Im totally fucking high right now and I'm watching olympic hockey...russia just destroyed the stupid bitch cheating canadian slobs, hurrah!:

removed these pics from my myspace profile but I wanted to 'keep' them, so here they are.

Peter Lorre:

Vincent Price & Lorre:

Christopher Lee

I kept (and added some of) these fabulous pics:

Vincent Price: IMDB Profile

Peter Lorre: IMDB Profile

Roy Orbison: Orbison.Com

Gene Vincent: Official Site

My doggie Vincent:

February 21, 2006

yeehaw.... chuck berry and my webcam. here's a few, I'll post more tomorrow:

someone just asked me if my iron cross tattoo is a swastika. ....my fucking head almost exploded. morons.

February 20, 2006

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I just woke up from the most enraging dream, in which I was being fucked with by this gross junkie couple I used to get dope from in Minnesota. You know.... dope.... gow.... horse.... H. (I kicked their asses, but then they got a posse of cretins together....in the dream).

I still have the chicks fucking diamond engagement ring, she gave it to me as collateral for a loan, then moved away. *snort* ...I later heard she was telling people I 'wouldnt give her the ring back' ...uh, she never gave me my money back. It's a pitiful little piece of flint that I don't give a fuck about, its simply the principal of the thing.

I had to quickly jump online and go look at shit that makes me happy, such as my friend RavenLace.

Now I'm watching CURLING, go USA!

February 19, 2006

BreakThru - new free email service that's supposedly excellent at blocking spam.

*disclaimer: if you don't like what you're about to read, close the page, life's too short.

Canadian hockey freaks, you pitiful fucks, get over it, you did NOT invent hockey. (versions of the game were being played worldwide thousands of years ago, they found motherfucking hockey sticks buried in celtic graves in france and germany, christ) .... look at the fucking IDIOCY that came from the mouth of the canadian coach about the game yesterday (during which the swiss ripped them a new asshole):

"The Swiss team came to work," said Canadian coach Pat Quinn, who said his team didn't skate well and spent too much time passing across the ice rather than up ice. "They played a better Canadian game than we did." (quoted from nhl.com)

Holy shit, way to call attention to your stupidity, and egomania. "canadian game" ... hockey is the NUMBER ONE TEAM SPORT IN SWITZERLAND! how dare he make such a stupid condescending statement. Kill yourself you fucking slob.

On a less insulting tip, swedish olympic hockey player Mats Sundin (who plays for the maple leafs in the nhl) catches my eye. What a raging bad ass rar! Hmmm, check out this pic:

The ref during the sweden/usa hockey game just now was completely biast..... now this isnt swede hatred talking, I like the swedes... in fact I think they're pretty hot, and I wouldnt mind if they won the gold *shrug*...but that fucking ref was insane. He was NOT calling a LOT of penalties.. The swedes didn't even look happy about the win. After the horn everyone was just kind of milling around with a befuddled look on their face. (Also, jesus christ why can't our team pass properly? *huff*) ... Finland better beat canada later... I bet that fucking ref was canadian. *hate*

took a bajillion pics last night all dressed up and ready to go, smokin' joints like cigarettes. I'll only post a few, otherwise it'd take up too much space. If you want to see more (and more DIRTY pics) join one of the sites I post/cam on ;>

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look at all this RIGHTEOUS fucking music that just came in the mail, thanks TOSSER M. ...(now go buy me more ;>)

blogger.com was having some problems, and a big smear post I made trashing the canadian commentator who's been doing reporting for olympic hockey got lost...I don't feel like saying it all again, so I'll just say... GO SWISS, FUCK CANADA!

We were having conversations about the wierdness of how our guys had no time to practice together as a team, or even rest from the nhl games they'd just been playing, before they started the olympic games, and I just found an article that lays it out interestingly: dan wetzle article