May 27, 2006

this is fun:

The Flesh Farm

I fucking miss my best friends Ben and Jordan so much it's KILLING ME! (they're in minnesota).

May 26, 2006

omg this place is fucking fabulous: ...they've got fucking everything....even Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran t-shirts. rar!

May 25, 2006

I'm going to get married at Graceland (someday) <3

I'm still moving to Nashville people, it's just gonna take awhile.

This is the perfect moment to post these fun lil gifs my friend made me... yay. By the way... the sabres game last night was fabulous. Can't wait till tomorrows game. *woof*:

Ooooo I'm now addicted to the Graceland Cams!

tuesday was Joe's birthday and we ate the most amazing dinner...after getting nice and fucked up... it was mediterrainian crusted salmon, sole stuffed with crab and scallops, some yummie cheesy potato dish, peas and carrots, and a really soft delicious roll. Yum. ...and I made him cupcakes. Hehe.

I was totally trashed during this.

May 23, 2006

I approve this site, because they promote big beautiful firm asses like mine:

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May 21, 2006

some pics from the past few days (I love veggies!):

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May 20, 2006

some stupid fucking slob has stolen my pics, and is using them to advertise money making links (having nothing to do with me)... and I'm very fucking pissed off about it.

I've sent complaints everywhere I could, all thats left to do is to try to get myself higher on 'toplists' than their bullshit accounts, which are using the same cam image IM using for my listing on each top list. *fume*

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May 14, 2006

Im so fucking hungry for Joe. We've been sending eachother dirty texts alllll day, such as '''JOE: I want that puss when I get home - MY REPLY: I wanna sniff your bulge - JOE: I wanna sniff your ass - MY REPLY: I love the feeling of your breath on my junk'''...I even walked down to his job to visit him on his break. Mmmmmmrar! We've been fucking a LOT in general lately, but today is just drenched in skanky desire. *pant*

Here's some pics from this morning when I was still all hazey brained, wondering if last night was a dream:

whoa, is that JessieKitty's cunt? Yes it is! You wanna see more of that? Check out my pic page or participate in my laptop scheme.

look at the meow!:

Me and Joe were so excited after the sabres won in overtime last night, we jumped on eachother and fucked our brains out.

When I woke up, for a second I thought it was all a beautiful dream.


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May 11, 2006

My hot sexy wonderful boyfriend and I were planning on going to the sabres pregame beer tent party, and outdoor stadium game viewing tonight..... and now its all fucking rainy. It's 2:30 and its DARK out. FUCKING BASTARDS!

The game last night was so amazing *hump*

May 9, 2006

Where has JessieKitty been!??? This is the question being asked in many an email and offline message.

I've been at bars, watching hockey, fucking, listening to shitloads of music (got the new mad sin album) buying clothes, wandering aimlessly.....drinking myself sick, etc. etc. etc... Yea I've thrown myself off the wagon and into a messy messy ditch of alcohol, cause I just don't give a fuck, ever since Joe puked on my plans to move right away.

Why have I been neglecting my 'live cam' schedual? Because this desktop is getting old and cruddy, and my laptop overheats constantly. You want me around? Then fucking be one of the last three sign ups I need in order to get a new laptop, the info is here: ... no, its not a scam, and those who help me here get presents. .....or you could solve my problem quickly, and just go buy me a new desktop pc off my amazon wishlist.

My british pal sent me this fucking righteous vintage limited edition red vinyl Gen X record... I'm totally gonna frame it and throw it up on the wall, rock:

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I just saw the new LOOSE SKREWS album cover, that I'm on, can't wait till it's out! Here's the graphic:

I like that.... maybe I'll put a green rinse over my hair again today...

The SABRES game last night was fucking awesome, Miller was amazing.... I was totally hurt when Timmy C. got hit, I doubt he'll be back this season, considering his problems with concussions...but I hope. Fucking canadians play their best AND cheat, and still can't beat us. Mm.

Some random recent pics:

If you've noticed my blog not loading well, it's due to having issues, no fault of mine.

Randomly noticed this guy writing about me... can't read it though... is that italian? : PensieroIntimo

May 2, 2006

as I'm in the bathroom putting hot rollers in my hair, I hear what I suspect to be the voice of cyndi lauper.... I run out here to see, and it is indeed her, spotting in a fuckin' 'mad about you' episode. How bout that!
omg, me and Joe are in the sabres scrap book!!!!!

here's the addy:

and here's a screenshot, since eventually it'll get pushed off the page by new pics:


I can't wait for the game tonight, we have a date to watch it, with lots of wonderful treats, substances, and sex acts on the menu. *wiggle*

May 1, 2006

I'm currently waiting for my new futon to be delivered....bleh.

Did another session with freak dick... he paid me large amounts of money to prance around and abuse him.... as usual... ...I'll just post one screenshot, you can check out the rest in my forum:

I've been watching this show about a woman looking for the son she gave up for adoption 19 years ago.... and it makes me very emotional.... because it makes me wonder if my mother is somewhere, crying, looking for me, like this lady on tv. She'd probably never be able to find me considering how much my family moved, and how much I've moved as an adult.

I think I heard about some adoption registry where you can like... put up a classified ad of yourself, for searching birth parents to look through. Hm.


There's also strange feelings that it's a dishonor to my mother to even CARE about my birth mother. My whole life I could tell she was insecure about me 'wanting' my other mother or.. something..