March 31, 2005

FYI: someone hijacked my email address :

do not open any emails you receive from that address.

How I adore V. Price <333 ..that link above takes you to my mini gallery of him. Splendid.

omg Im watching the most adorable movie right now, its about kids at a fat camp with ben stiller as the mean camp owner teheheh!

March 29, 2005

Woo did you see the excellent footage of the shark gathering in florida? There's like hundreds of them in a school, its RAD!!! I love sharks em. JessieKitty on Myspace

My phone lines are on, RIGHT NOW! Gimme a call:

bored? you could do me a favor by clicking all the links on my site, i.e. the 'vote for me' links under my cam image on the main page of my site, and the links at the bottom of that same page, labelled 'cam sites, bdsm links' etc. Click each link once a day and you'll be logging your vote for JessieKitty <3

Johnny Cochran is dead....strange. It was a brain tumor.

March 28, 2005

My dad is going to texas to golf for a month on wed. :D

I've been linked on:

so apparently some fuckin russian on dial up hacked my shit and was sending out some kind of bank info scam stuff from my server *scream* thats why my site was down for a few hours today. ...I got a bunch of panicy emails and ims about it, it was heart warming ;>

more later

March 27, 2005

my easter bunny came a few hours early *melt* I caught him in the act with my cam!

*hehe* boyfriend is so righteous. know who else is righteous? Garfield. I swear to god I was obsessed with the comic books when I was a kid. Aha extreme dodgeball is on... I Got a new musicians friend catolauge today...I totally need some bongos to play with while Im having my recreational fun.

March 25, 2005

I've been getting hits from this interesting looking blog: ...(too bad its in french or something)

vote for me:

Having a fuckin sunny sweet day! ripped on kind buds, with my boyfriend, dad out of town, the most fabulous shoe and purse set purchased for me from my amazon wishlist by a lovely gent, you can expect to see me in them in a few weeks:


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....awesome normal dudes, send me money for my moving the fuck out of wisconsin fund <3 (Im serious though, I'm saving to move back to delaware. All you east coast boys, help me get closer ;>)

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March 24, 2005

I've been doing some live cam on camcontacts this week *clap*....also doing lots of updating in my cambang members section, go have a lookie. ...oh, I've also had my phone lines on, you can find info about that here:

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Im loving it when I get my pilates done in the morning so I can chill all evening. For some reason it seems like more work in the morning...but thats probably a good thing, hm? I just keep getting hotter and hotter <3 Vivid Cams

My mycology expiriments are coming along *very* nicely *grin* .... I aught to have enough to take a little trippyflippy next week *glee* Rank!

go eyeball some dandy dames @ MafiaCams

March 22, 2005

I uploaded some hottie new pics, and some righteous blood for blood (music) to my members section at cambang <333 Join and party with el Jessie Kitty.

Im such a fucking scumrock star. Yesterday me and my dude got really fucking stoned and I was singing my fucked up songs for him, then I wrapped it up with a JessieKittyized cover of guns and roses, the highlight being when I sang 'welcome to the jungle, we're all queer n gay...we like to get fucked up the butt, and shoot coke everyday' ....good times. Good times. *der*


I also got my fucking fabulous little steam cleaner and had a little carpet cleaning party *wee*....and a hot hot HAWT nighty/thong set came from victorias secret. It was backordered, so it was a fun surprise. I'll take some pics in it shortly ;>

March 21, 2005

I *must* have the THE DEAD KINGS album that I just added to my amazon wishlist ...Id heard of it, but didnt realize the righteus people that are in the band.

BURIAL GROUND - new zombie dvd I watched last night, hands down BEST zombie make up Ive ever seen. They were wearing like roman burial gowns n shit too, damn hell yes. Im gonna find some pics to post.

Gene Wilder is so rad.

I have some hot pics, and other news to report, but Im busy partying so Ill post it later.

ahahaha omg my boyfriend just yelled 'yo thats ORAL, B!' at me. Im all high...its really funny. eheh WOO

March 19, 2005

so Im watching SNL and its actually entertaning me, that hasnt happened in a few years *snort* ..I decided to watch cause my Gweny's gonna be on, but Ashton Kutcher is actually non sucky. Maybe I *do* like him. It was charming when he was making fun of Britney S.'s husband being a wigger heh. Ooo G and E just performed 'rich girl' yay!

I did my pilates really early today...and now that Im bored and feeling lazy I think I'm gonna do my yoga tape. This shit would be more fun if I had a partner in healthy crime....

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March 18, 2005

omg omg omg I got mix cds from D in the mail today! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait to listen!

dont we LOVE nag champa? yes, we do:

I *must* have the RuPaul doll <333 ...speaking of styleeeeeee, I'm still craving sexy shoes from my amazon wishlist ...get me a pair and I'll give you a reward on cam.

March 17, 2005

me n my dude smoochin' ;>

March 15, 2005

pilates *check
new set of nails *check
fresh coat of bronzer *check
rereddening of the hair *check
best female friend coming to spend the night tomorrow *check
fresh oz of wacktobaccy *check
hottie boyfriend getting tomorrow off of work *check


March 13, 2005

More hot sexy shoes ( foot fetish ) from my amazon wishlist would make me a happy JessieKitty <3 ..speaking of happy, my friend Andrea is coming down to visit me and spend the night on wed. WOOHOO!

check out my sexy nudes ;>:

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March 12, 2005

so...I had the displeasure of watching 'blue collar tv' this was fucking retarded ...but unoffensive in general.... ..however, there was a skit, in which they were all playing ..themselves out in the woods hunting, drunk. So, at the end of the sketch the little punch line they all said was 'what happens in the woods, stays in the woods' ..and Im thinking to myself yea like when you have gay sex after having a completely homophobic conversation? Fucking stupid faggot hicks.

Ok...heres a bunch of fuckin pics, happy?

March 11, 2005

I *must* have this skirt ..get me a hot topic card and send it to my po box, or email/im me and talk to me about buying it for me ;>

'how you treat the weak is...your true nature' ~janes addiction

ah how I adore the Perry. You can see the video for that song on my myspace profile ..sooo..the lovely D once again pointed me in the direction of a fun fun site,, she made a new movie in 2001, why didn't I know that??? I must obtain it. Speaking of good movies, I was watching 'the first wives club' last night, what a splendid flick! I love bette middler SO MUCH. meeeow. (I promise to come back and edit this post, adding some pics)

March 10, 2005

so after not doing my pilates for a week cause I was sick n crap, I was fearing I'd be rusty when I went to do my dvd tonight....but I wasnt, WOO! I swear to GOD the instructer on that thing is courtney cox's twin.

Im really fucking sick of this stupid ass commercial in which they show some dude playing a piano (beautifully)...and then some fucking dipshit skateboards in and interrupts him to talk snottilly about some dipshit MTV crap. That commercial needs to be murdered, now. The fuckin classical music kid should kick the shit out of mr faggot mtv retard :|

took hot picys tonight! I'll post some here tomorrow.

March 8, 2005

roseanne is on the tonight show right now!!!

I love you rosey!!

I go off cam for a few days, I get a bunch of complaints! heh! Calm down people, I've been having some health problems. I promise to post new picys some point...(I went to the hospital yesterday *whimper*)

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I need new tattoos, like yesterday. I have no fucking idea where I should go for them...I guess I should search online. I wish that bitchy flash master from newcastle was still accessible. *huff* Explosive Tattoos, Newcastle Delaware. Go there, get tattooed. You won't be sorry. ...oo napolean dynomite is finally on its way, so I'll be able to see what all the fuss is about ;> Gwen Stefanis new album, and a 'the cure' greatest hits album arrives today. hahah..the cure...Im such a fag.

So my futon came yesterday, WITHOUT the matress (I'm emailing 'home visions' like a mofo demanding an explination). Me, being a genious, didn't check the box before moving the old bed into the garage, so we're currently camping on the floor (which is actually more fun than it sounds heheh) ...camping on a sexy sexy zebra hide rug that is *sparkle*

They need to put Roseanne on DVD, what the fuck nugget.

Martin Short is so fucking awesome is Tony Danza. Oh...the futon matress came *hehe* ...why'd they ship it seperatley? dipshits.

March 2, 2005

Have you seen the previews for this farrah reality show? God damn, ANOTHER ragged tore up old blonde ho on coke. Hurray. ...speaking of TV, I can't believe the guy who played Mark on roseanne is dead. ;/

I took my nipple piercings out. *shrug* My boyfriends excited cause he's finally gonna be able to play with them as he pleases again. My fabulous faux zebra skin rug came today, WOO! SCREAM! ..did I mention the new antiseen kicks ass?

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So I was at the gas station waiting for my boyfriend to come out today, and Cher came on the radio (turn back time), so I blasted it really fuckin loud, and opened the windows, and sang along right...and all the fucked up hicks wearing neon sunglasses and shit were all 'duhhhh?' ...makes for a boring story, but really it was entertaining.

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March 1, 2005

oo spicey: euro sex parties, and porno party

I could use a fuckin party right now (not a skanky one)....I'm so *BORED* guh! I did get some mighty righteous shit in the mail though....liiike..MY MYCODOME! *giggle* I have it all set up. joy. I also got my nag champa products, mmm how I missed that sweet sweet incense. Always reminds me of when I was like 14 and I discovered this store 'global villiage' ....I love fucking import stores. I'm addicted to little jade buddhas, n tapestrys from india RAWR. Speaking of imports, it's been far too long since I saw my lovely friend Ryan the greek. Heheh.

Martin Short is gonna be on Law & Order: SVU next week! Playing a psychic :D *clap*

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