March 22, 2005

I uploaded some hottie new pics, and some righteous blood for blood (music) to my members section at cambang <333 Join and party with el Jessie Kitty.

Im such a fucking scumrock star. Yesterday me and my dude got really fucking stoned and I was singing my fucked up songs for him, then I wrapped it up with a JessieKittyized cover of guns and roses, the highlight being when I sang 'welcome to the jungle, we're all queer n gay...we like to get fucked up the butt, and shoot coke everyday' ....good times. Good times. *der*


I also got my fucking fabulous little steam cleaner and had a little carpet cleaning party *wee*....and a hot hot HAWT nighty/thong set came from victorias secret. It was backordered, so it was a fun surprise. I'll take some pics in it shortly ;>

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