March 24, 2005

I've been doing some live cam on camcontacts this week *clap*....also doing lots of updating in my cambang members section, go have a lookie. ...oh, I've also had my phone lines on, you can find info about that here:

SUBMISSIVES: interested in what kind of nasty shit my bitches have the pleasure of doing for me? check out my forum ...the password for the slave humiliation forum IS 'password'. Non submissives *MORE* than welcome there too. (the subs are fucking silent partners, come trash up my forum)

CAM CHICKS / DUDES: Join CamSense to make mucho dinero $$$ ;>

Enter to cams that rule and Vote for this Site!!!

Im loving it when I get my pilates done in the morning so I can chill all evening. For some reason it seems like more work in the morning...but thats probably a good thing, hm? I just keep getting hotter and hotter <3 Vivid Cams

My mycology expiriments are coming along *very* nicely *grin* .... I aught to have enough to take a little trippyflippy next week *glee* Rank!

go eyeball some dandy dames @ MafiaCams

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