January 31, 2006

There's a commercial for some awful 'hair band' cd set that keeps playing...it's got cinderella, winger, damn yankees, and other such skanky shite...and I keep singing along to it, and ENJOYING the song clips. :| Horrifying.

My free IPOD came todayyyyyyy! Told ya so!

I did it through freepay, and I'm now campaigning to earn a free laptop the same way. I get more descriptive about the program on the lower part of my tribute page.

Gosh I love being worshipped, adored, and spoiled by huge masses of dudes *smirk* The last couple of mornings I've had this dude blowing hundreds n hundreds of clams on my streaming cam, watching me sit here and stare into space...we dont even TALK. Heheh. He's replaced allmost all the money I had to spend on that shitty fucking cell phone shite. YAY <3

Once again. Stop calling me 'jess' ...if you're an old friend who's been doing it without knowing it irritates me, don't feel bad. Just stop. Please.

January 30, 2006

New dutch PANTY AUCTION just posted on ebanned ;> (thats a link to my auction page, you hafta register with ebanned before you can view auctions on their site).

BB TopList

I just woke up to find one of my FAVORITE people in the world online, my good friend Mike, the alaskan/eastcoast fisherman/roadie goin' on tour all the fucking time guy. He's a skanky drunk like me, and he's gonna send me some of the mouth watering seafood he's catching, up there. That's hot. I wanna go fuckin' stumble around a boat in alaska with him and his cousin, and then watch big ugly indian chicks hit on them at the bar (like he's been describing to me) ;>

*SCREAM OF RAGE* I just got off the phone with Alltel, my old cell phone company. Add in the deposit Im losing, two hundred dollar disconnection fee per phone line, and my past due bill, and I had to pay allmost a GRAND to get my fucking service completely disconnected. After finding this out I slammed my phone down and started loudly talking shit about the alltel bitch I'd just been talking to...only I didnt hang up all the way, and a minute or two into my tirade I hear 'ma'm? ma'm?' ...I got back on the phone and yelled at her some more, then hung up. Ugh. She was being snotty. ...I disconnected my service cause they don't have fucking local service here. How are they gonna charge me six hundred bucks to disconnect, when I'm doing it cause I moved!?!?

This is all to clean my credit up, in an effort to give myself a better chance of being rented to when I move. *sigh* If you want to donate to the cause, you can use your amazon.com account to float me some dough, just click here:

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January 29, 2006

I'd like to meet (50's) Biff Tannen. (or maybe just get Joe the outfit, and have him do a character study before he date rapes me...wait a minute...he allready has the outfit...hm) I want him to force ME to go to the dance with him....*pant*.

(back to the future) ...you know...Biff Tannens sexual harrasment of lea thompsons character in that movie is the first time I can remember getting turned on. I was 4, go Jessie!

why did I think the superbowl was today? hm. Did a little work on the ol' myspace profile just now.

One of my himbos bought me some mighty fine shite yesterday, I'm excited to receive this stuff! Might have to do a little more apartment rearranging..hrm...

Denise Austin Recumbent Bike:

Stamina 25-Pound Versa-Bell Adjustable Dumbbell Pair:

Sex in the City, the Comple Series:

I want this sailor jerry shirt REALLY bad...the info to send me a sailorjerry.com gift certificate is on this page.

January 28, 2006

Drunk chicks.

I cut my fuckin finger this morning....typing is hard now *grrr*

Some picys from the last few days ;>

like em? then go spoil me @ my wishlist ;> ...more pics can be found here.


The Kirk coat of arms that I was talking about, I'm so hot and scottish *pant*:

of course there're many versions...I chose to post this one.

While reading about our welsh heritage, Joe and I found this righteous picture of some welsh women rallying for women's right to vote, at the Coronation of King George V:

And here's a pic of some Pictish Warriors heheh (wax):

Celtic Cheifs, mmmmmm hot!:

LaTene Celts (who resided in the italian, french, and swiss alps):

some links, if you'd like to educate yourself on these subjects:
MuseumOfLondon.org.uk, Brittania.com/wales, BBC.co.uk, Welsh-Tartan.com

paying people to lose weight? thats what they claim they're doing:

Did you know the camgirl 'Friday' did a photo shoot with bondage.com? ...noticed this while I was browsing...

January 25, 2006



just woke up, having wierd thoughts about my biological parents. If your name is Richard Kirk, and you banged a chick who looks a lot like me, named Janice Maus, in california, 24 years ago, and she gave the baby up for adoption...golly, then you're my dad!

In all honesty, I really do wonder what it would be like to meet either of them..I was told my mom looks just like me, and is angry and has a personality like I do...and my dad is a big muscular strapping scotch sioux stallion. Hm.

Joe and I looked up the KIRK family crest last night, and read a bunch of history on the name....I'll post some of it here later.

Why dont you go browse my FETISH FREAKS toplist:

Bunch of new updates at Mega Cock Cravers (yikes)

January 24, 2006

I'm (being naughty) drinking some Icehouse Tallboys. *root* Watching the Sabres game...and making a quick blog post. *mew*

I got some dough in the mail today from that foot fetish fool (from boston) that I've been featuring in my blog and forum for some time now.... here's some new icky pics of him degrading himself in my honor...*rolls eyes* oo PRETENDING to burn yourself..weak..(if you dig through my forum you can find pics of him ACTUALLY lighting his chest hair on fire)...next time, let me see some flaming pubes, you disgusting fuckin' slob:

January 23, 2006

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got another package from Mr Cleveland today, snapped a pic of vinnie sitting on it (he attacks any and all forms of mail that enter the house heheh):

January 22, 2006

I hate weekends....aside from the fact that there's no mail, I live in a businessy district on a main street, basically a few blocks from downtown...and on sundays it gets so QUIET...and the fucking parking lots are empty...its gross. :| Fuck weekends, said the person who makes their own schedual.

So it's come to my attention there's no way I'm going to get approved for a complex apartment in NASHVILLE unless I pay off some old bills, and wait out the stupid LEASE I'm currently locked in. *scream* We ARE moving to nashville or memphis. This much I know....but the time frame seems to be out of my control. ;/ I'm still looking for people who can mail me nashville and memphis newspapers...specifically the classified section. email me if you can help with that.

The Sabres were wronged, yet again, last night. A calgary player KICKED the puck into the goal, we said it wasnt a goal, they ADMITTED it wasnt a goal....then claimed they had 'communication difficulties' while trying to reach the head office to tell them to bunk the goal. What a big fat load, ey?

Here's some picys from this morning, as promised. I actually JUST took these. Still on my black and white kick, as you can see (and still on a tit kick too...normally I'm really into my ass, but lately its all tits ;>...still no make up):

I'm rooting for DENVER in the football game today, if anyone's wondering. I wish Joe would hurry up and WAKE UP. (he sleeps 2-3 hours more per night than I do, it's very boring)..once he wakes up, its wakeybakey time, and then I bet we'll pop in 'the monster in law' to watch before the game...new dvds, yay! ....is it strange that I like taking pictures of people when they're asleep??

It fuckin' turns me on SO MUCH when Joe gets all hyped up about sports...I'm pretty sure thats what got me INTO sports....but now I'm excited too...if I wasnt on a health kick I'd be so drunk, and so full of chicken wings for this game ;>

I will now wake up Joe by blasting my super super righteous Chuck Berry anthology.

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January 21, 2006

I want to go stay at the LOVELY Kate P.'s (of the B52's) retro campground/hotel hideaway out in the woods near woodstock ny, *scream*, look look look! http://www.lazymeadow.com ....*sigh* what a fantasy land....how I'd LOVE to own a place like that. ::::scribbles that down on list of businesses I want to run::::

once again...sorry for not being around lately...me and joe have been being stoner sluts....we decided to quit drinking for a little while (just like last winter), and I swear the god the biggest differance it makes is ENERGY. Our raging ENERGY from lack of booze, combined with our stonedness has been making for some really wacky all night giggle freakouts. ...for example, I just woke up and found like twenty pics on my digicam, all consisting of joe popping some jiffy pop on the stove...apparently I thought that was the funniest fucking thing in the world. (Ive never seen jiffy pop before)...and maybe it was ;>

here's a pic:

I relightened my highlights, then dyed them a nice sparkley dark turquoise, here's a pic from halfway through the process, and right after I got done:

I'll post some new pics later today, or tomorrow, but check for my LIVE CAM, and dig through all my previousley posted pics, here.

I got a care package from my boy toy in cleveland today, full of food, drink, toys, beauty products, music, etc etc.... an item worthy of note is a nice bottle of champagne, here's a pic I just took whilst opening the package, no make up and bright flash, woopsie: