December 31, 2007

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you know whats fun? being part of the 'cool camgirl' in crowd. All the sad pitiful poseur-y cam sluts, you know the ones fronting that theyre into some scene they arent actually into (i.e. pitiful stupid looking emo bitches who THINK theyre hardcore, but really just act like faggoty 13 year old male video game nerds), or trying to pretend to be a certain way to get customers (oh yea, youre such a GODDESS, you RULE ALL MEN, that must be why you beg for their attention), or just the ones that are insanely jealous of my hotness, or my status as *THE* rocker 'music scene' camgirl... those types always ignore me, or say snotty shit to me. And they always have crappy personalities and crappy looks. The COOL, ATTRACTIVE, SMART cam chicks, who matter, are always nice to me. I win. Lame bitches lose. If I ever met one of those snotty girls in person, I'd knock em out in one punch and steal their purses. Those tacky pitiful cunts who I speak of are lucky that the scum bags who pay five bucks to join the sites they work on are stupid, and ignorant of whats cool, whats real, and what matters. It's funny watching the low iq's hit on them. """Oh yea, your scrawny scurvy looking stick figure ass looks just GORGEOUS agains the backdrop of your filthy destroyed house. Oh damn babe, your big fat ugly face is SO HOT, the ZITS make my dick hard!""" ok..thats not a direct quote.. but it might as well be what theyre saying..


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December 29, 2007

Im having a delicious fucking evening! I'm drinking wine, and Joe and I are doing another of our Sex and the City marathons (Ive got the complete series pink suede box set). We were listening to Gene Vincent and dancing all afternoon before this. ...yea. I'm about to do some drunk dialing. Hot shit.

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in the episode we were just watching, they were kind of showing short interviews with younger guys, asking them why they like to fuck older bitches. One of them said, 'older chicks give great head' ... well. Lately I've been using the 'video playback of a past session' option on one of my pay cam site accounts, playing a beautiful hot skanky video of me giving Joe head. In the video, Joe tells the story of the first time I ever sucked his dick, when I was 18. And he says he couldnt believe it was the first time I ever did it, because I was SO GOOD. (I swallowed too, cause I was trying to be cool.. ew, haha!)!

December 27, 2007

oh my god, when I was a litter punk ass drape panhandling the streets of minneapolis back in the day, I used to always slouch around at this one dank coffee shop by the u of m, and Ive been trying to remember the name of it FOREVER, and it just came to me, Hard Times. What a fucking nasty dreg filled dump. It was great when I was a kid.


Joe and I had an excellent xmas, I'll post more about it later. Im drunk! ;>

December 24, 2007

December 23, 2007

A very very lovely person just gifted the BEST XMAS PRESENT EVER to Me and Joe. A new BED!!!! *weeeeooooo* No more fucking air mattress drama! Yes yes yes! Thank you!!!!

That puts me in a good mood, therefor, here's my two favorite boy toys gettin' down, cause its the reason for the season *train horn*


December 22, 2007

I just got done working, and the greatest thing happened. Right before I was completely ready to get in front of the camera the mailman brought a package to my door, containing NEW CLUB CLOTHES! WOOOHOOOOOO! Hence the aqua polkadot outfit I wore today. Thank you very much Mr S. M. for the new outfits! It was soooo motherfucking refreshing to have something new to wear. Im sick of all my stuff.


I reallly realllllly wish there were some decent Sheer Terror vids on youtube. As anyone in the know would know, I FUCKING LOVE this band. I quote them all over my site. (just cant hate enough, etc etc) fact. many many people tend to quote 'em.

Sheer Terror on Myspace

I fucking love waking up to hot emails from hot suave guys telling me how PERFECT I am *smile* Then I look over at Joe's deliciousness to see him twitching his big huge cock at me and smiling. *sigh*

I just finished my workout, you can look forward to some slutty pics, and live webcam when I'm done showering.

December 21, 2007

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Oh my fucking god. I've gotta report.

For reasons that you'll not be made privy to, I was feeling snotty and *grr* today, and decided I'd 'show em' by going out and going bar hopping by my little selfy today.

I was in this place, where there were lots of old southern dudes. Some were like fourty. Some were older. I ordered a BUD ICE, yes, a bud ice.... and this fucking dude came up to me, and he told me his name was teeim. And I was like... "Tee im?" cause I thought maybe it was some... funky name I'd never heard of... Then he spelled it T I M. (normally I'm really good at getting through drawl, but this guy's was intense, I apologize, I'd already had a few glasses of wine). ...anyway. I let this guy babble at me, and I got a line in here and there. Then he invited me out back to smoke a joint, obviously I went.

Tim started telling me we should go somewhere and drink some hard booze together. I reacted by loudly blurting "I am not a hooker Tim". All the old white haired dudes who I was standing in a circle with... getting fucking high with... laughed at that. It was fun shooting the shit with a bunch of like SOUUUTHERN fuckin old country dudes. I was all 'ya Im from california but I lived in Minnesota for awhile and was in new york and wisconsin before I came here'. There was lots of smirking going on. During the rest of the outdoor smokey experience I repeated multiple times "I am not a hooker Tim" to the delight of all of the good ol' boys. They kept smoking big shit they said they got in california. This one who kept calling me 'dear' wandered behind me and perused my ass exlaiming 'daddys girl!' at my tattoo. I called him a dirty old man, he told me I was right. Tim asked me if I wanted him to go get my beer off the bar and I said Id go get it myself. He said he was going to LEAVE, so I said I'd escort him in at the same time. I thanked the freaky old dudes who smoked me up.

Once I got inside and sat down to continue my beer, Tim starting blabbering and blabbering and BLABBERING on me. I couldn't fucking understand half of his ... jibber jabber. The bartender, the only other female in the place, started giving us looks, because he was being loud. She looked disgusted by him, and all of a sudden I felt like I was associating with the wrong person. I don't want her thinking Im some wack ho. Then he fucking spilled his beer. Ugh. He cleaned it up, babbled loudly, blah blah blah blah blah. He went and started a pool game with someone, and was saying all this dumb shit trying to keep me interested in what he was doing. When he wasnt looking I motioned the bartender chick, (an unattractive thin older woman with a name thats such a hilarious cliche, I really wish I could relay it to you) over and she gave me an uninterested look as she took my five dollar bill. I yapped 'Im taking off' and ran out the door before she could give me my change. Tim ran up to me as I stalked out the door, and I said 'I'll be right back!' and he was all 'uhghhh OKAY' heh. Ick. I had' to walk home, uphill, all fucking drunk and paranoid that someone might be trailing along behind me. Also, the whole time I walked TO the bar, and FROM the bar, shitloads of mexicans kept slowing down in their trucks and hooting at me saying 'hey hey hey hey hey' because apparently the illegal alien types think any female walking alone is a ho. Either that or I just look like one. *smile*

I called Joe while I walked away from the bar. There was a dog barking at me from a fenced in area at an autobody. I was all 'its okay cutie, its okay!. Jesus christ. Im all fucked up, I got home a little while ago, and Joe is reading over my shoulder angrily asking random questions. ...and lighting another. *drunk ass bitch*

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