December 31, 2007

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you know whats fun? being part of the 'cool camgirl' in crowd. All the sad pitiful poseur-y cam sluts, you know the ones fronting that theyre into some scene they arent actually into (i.e. pitiful stupid looking emo bitches who THINK theyre hardcore, but really just act like faggoty 13 year old male video game nerds), or trying to pretend to be a certain way to get customers (oh yea, youre such a GODDESS, you RULE ALL MEN, that must be why you beg for their attention), or just the ones that are insanely jealous of my hotness, or my status as *THE* rocker 'music scene' camgirl... those types always ignore me, or say snotty shit to me. And they always have crappy personalities and crappy looks. The COOL, ATTRACTIVE, SMART cam chicks, who matter, are always nice to me. I win. Lame bitches lose. If I ever met one of those snotty girls in person, I'd knock em out in one punch and steal their purses. Those tacky pitiful cunts who I speak of are lucky that the scum bags who pay five bucks to join the sites they work on are stupid, and ignorant of whats cool, whats real, and what matters. It's funny watching the low iq's hit on them. """Oh yea, your scrawny scurvy looking stick figure ass looks just GORGEOUS agains the backdrop of your filthy destroyed house. Oh damn babe, your big fat ugly face is SO HOT, the ZITS make my dick hard!""" ok..thats not a direct quote.. but it might as well be what theyre saying..


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