January 28, 2007

woo, one of my sluts just got me these albums:

I hope I dig T.M.C.D. as much as I'm told I will. ...Im actually listening to Deadbolt, and still on a bender.
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January 26, 2007

Im doing beer bongs. as I did last night. fucking righteous excellent yea! watching the sabres..... good shit. Im listening to del shannon on my mp3. a few songs ago it was the drifters. I'm melting in another world. here's some pics.

01-26-2007 16-19-57 01-26-2007 16-21-54
01-26-2007 16-27-59

I'm dealing with a bit of retardation... I'm on the apartment hunt again because the bitch who accepted me at the other place got fired and blah blah blah. I have applications on the way to me. Hm. Whatever. Shit will be excellent and I will move march 1st. period.

January 23, 2007


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I forgot to mention the BEST part about tripping yesterday, and that was this fucking excellent band, LosGatosLocos! ...someone bought me their album 'Psychobilly Baptism' awhile ago, and it got lost in the pile and I didn't even KNOW what excellence I was carrying around with me.

Laying drenched in my own sweat, with insanely sexy visuals being formed by the lyrics dancing in my head... if I'd had more strength, I'd have whacked off to this album. That's how fuckin great it was. I'm in love.

here's their band site: kingsplatterhead.com

& their myspace page: myspace.com/losgatoslocos

Joe and I tripped our fucking asses off yesterday. From like 2pm to 9pm I was an insane zombie. I'm still out of it. Christ. The highlights, aside from hallucinating, included talking to my hilarious yummy friend Kai, and my lovely future neighbor and best friend Jordan. Towards the end of the trip I started freaking out because the messyness in the house felt like a dark shadow monster creeping down the hallway at me, so I had to go on a cleaning frenzy which lasted two hours, and was very productive. (cleaning the fish tanks was scary though) Then Joe and I inflated our air mattress and slept in the livingroom, watching Home Movies (the cartoon). We stayed out of the bedroom because we deemed it unworthy.

The young stars game is on tonight! WOOHOO Vanek! And tomorrow of course is the all star game, GOD I can't wait. We've got three of our most delicious sabres on the team, and our Lindy Ruff is coaching. *scream* KICK ASS! GO BUFFALO! ...if you don't know I'm talking about hockey, you're a fucking dink.

January 20, 2007

It's all set up, I'm moving into my new place on or before March 1st. (WE're moving in). Joe is at work right now... one of his last shifts. He's quitting a month early so he can concentrate on his home business and bulk it up before we move, also so we can pack with ease, and get this house nice and neat for our departure. Man I can't wait to look at a city scape again... after four months of staring at trees and a siloh. I couldnt even make it 6 months living here this time around. heheh! I mailed in the deposit and etc for our new place, and packed the first box yesterday. Crazyness.

I'm extremely excited, therefor I've been watching this rocky horror picture show / priscilla queen of the desert video over and over again:

Drew Carey: Time Warp & Groove Thing

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January 16, 2007

Here's where you can watch me n' Joe on cam:

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January 15, 2007

Im moving again, either feb first or march first. St Paul Minnesota. ...I'm gonna be living in the SAME FUCKING BUILDING as my best friends Ben and Jordan. *heaving a sigh of relief*

donate money to my moving cause:


I need money and furnishings, people. Christ, I'm gonna be a renter again. *scream*

January 14, 2007

I am SO into Corey Feldman, Flight of the Navigator, and movies and troubled stars in general who surfaced in the eighties. I'm reminded of FRY in FUTURAMA making the '\m/ rock' and '\mn/ hang ten' hand gestures while blaring 'I like big butts' in his little man made 20th century apartment. We're currently lusting for music of "simple minds" "orchestral maneuvers in the dark" "thompson twins" and..more.

I've been doing the whole 'ew its winter, I must divert myself from all sedintary activities' thing. Lots of cleaning, and wandering around stores is involved. Email me, (and if you know me ---->)call me, text me, etc. Yogi(Terry), Andrea, Ben&Jordan. I love you guys ;>

January 10, 2007

I'm dying for these dresses:

January 7, 2007

01-07-2007 17-56-5801-07-2007 18-01-10

01-07-2007 18-02-2501-07-2007 18-04-25
see jessie's cam pics from the last 3 years!!
01-07-2007 18-06-3601-07-2007 18-08-57

01-07-2007 18-17-36


01-07-2007 17-44-4801-07-2007 17-46-11
01-07-2007 18-30-5401-07-2007 18-33-38
01-06-2007 11-07-2701-06-2007 11-25-33
01-06-2007 11-38-4901-06-2007 11-23-30

Oh my god. My new friend, or sugar daddy I should say, just spent 1300 dollars on new clothes and accessories for me from amazon (where he fed my rowdy fashion sense) and victorias secret (where he hooked me up with some beautiful girlie pieces). I'm so happy I'm seeing stars. Thank you so much Charles! You can see all of the lovely things he got me here (in my forum). Here's a few samples, gosh I can't wait to get this stuff!:

take a lesson from this guy on how to treat a girl ;> Sugar Daddy means he's NOT submissive. He just likes to spoil little hotties like me ;>

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January 6, 2007

business as usual in JessieKitty land, just now I doubled up on these two sessions, which I've dubbed 'ass sluts' ;> You can see more in my forum.



January 5, 2007

52 Skidoo

12-27-2006 14-16-52
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There are so many commonly used words that I absolutely cannot stand. ...like 'hubbie' ...any chick who calls her dude her 'hubbie' is definatley suspect.

The excellent sex and partying continues, as Joe has today off. I just baked him cookies. *wiggles her cookie* They're chocolate/butterscotch chip. Mmmmm!

I've been fucking obsessed with nail polish and body products lately. Take a gander at some of my favorite crap, recently purchased for me by my wishlist lurkers. The "Philosophy" brand items are the scent of fresh baking cinnamon buns, its such a mouth watering smell, rar! The Opi nail polish is the BEST quality I've ever tried. ..and the Christian Dior mascara makes me squeel with glee every time I apply it:

January 4, 2007

12-27-2006 13-37-52, originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.

The holiday partying is finally over, and I say that with sadness, cause this was a GREAT month for me/us. The past two weeks have been especially righteous at my house.

Joe's had the last five days off, and in between the hockey games, and general partying, we've been having a BEAUTIFUL fuck fest. Last night we were lost in a fantasy like 69 for over an hour. He was saying all this stuff about how he could lick my ass 'for hours' and how when he goes down on me my junk 'becomes his god'. ....he makes me feel all special and melty and magic! *swoon* Nothing makes me happier than lovey dovey intoxicated sex marathons. I love it when we're especially vocal, because all the tantalizing things we say to eachother echo in my head for days afterwards.

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I got a shitload of wonderful things from my fans and boy toys, the star items being this reallllly suave motercycle jacket, some AWESOME vanilla almond and cinnamon spice body products, and new sabres gear. ( those dudes have been rewarded for their lovelyness.... if YOU want to be a kick ass bastard and hook me up with yummy shit, visit my wishlist page ....it's the perfect way to instigate my positive attention) Here's some picys of me being delirious and sporting the new jacket I got from T.S:

12-27-2006 12-38-2112-27-2006 12-37-08

January 1, 2007

I've been fucking busy with shit a lot more interesting and important than 'the computer'. That's where I've 'been'....to those who've been asking.

I'm currently watching a wonderful sabres game... and I'd like to point out the suaveness of the Versus announcers... and also some pretty rad sabres fans we've been spotting, who've put up entertaining memorable signs such as "AWINAGAINOV" and "MY FAVORITE BRIERE AT THE LOCAL DRURY IS MILLER" hahaha thats SO FUCKIN HOT. damn. I wish I was there.... we keep seeing motherfuckers sitting in OUR seats, which were right under the press box. Meow. I'm irritated to report Joe and I have been very Buffalo home sick for the past week, since our friends left. (I was going to say 'since our yummy boy toys left" but I got worried it made Joe sound gay).

Ben and Jordan. Fucking excellent pair of people. We had an insanely good time, you can see a few crappy pictures of the events in my flickr album. We drank many wonderful things, we DID many wonderful things, etc etc etc.

Last night, New Years Eve, was also righteous. I ended up having some WONDERFUL champagne. And today we're roasting a chicken and watching the game, which I'll now get back to. (the islanders are lucky to have Ted Nolan as a coach, he's pretty fuckin cool) GO SABRES!