January 5, 2007

52 Skidoo

12-27-2006 14-16-52
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There are so many commonly used words that I absolutely cannot stand. ...like 'hubbie' ...any chick who calls her dude her 'hubbie' is definatley suspect.

The excellent sex and partying continues, as Joe has today off. I just baked him cookies. *wiggles her cookie* They're chocolate/butterscotch chip. Mmmmm!

I've been fucking obsessed with nail polish and body products lately. Take a gander at some of my favorite crap, recently purchased for me by my wishlist lurkers. The "Philosophy" brand items are the scent of fresh baking cinnamon buns, its such a mouth watering smell, rar! The Opi nail polish is the BEST quality I've ever tried. ..and the Christian Dior mascara makes me squeel with glee every time I apply it:

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