January 4, 2007

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The holiday partying is finally over, and I say that with sadness, cause this was a GREAT month for me/us. The past two weeks have been especially righteous at my house.

Joe's had the last five days off, and in between the hockey games, and general partying, we've been having a BEAUTIFUL fuck fest. Last night we were lost in a fantasy like 69 for over an hour. He was saying all this stuff about how he could lick my ass 'for hours' and how when he goes down on me my junk 'becomes his god'. ....he makes me feel all special and melty and magic! *swoon* Nothing makes me happier than lovey dovey intoxicated sex marathons. I love it when we're especially vocal, because all the tantalizing things we say to eachother echo in my head for days afterwards.

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I got a shitload of wonderful things from my fans and boy toys, the star items being this reallllly suave motercycle jacket, some AWESOME vanilla almond and cinnamon spice body products, and new sabres gear. ( those dudes have been rewarded for their lovelyness.... if YOU want to be a kick ass bastard and hook me up with yummy shit, visit my wishlist page ....it's the perfect way to instigate my positive attention) Here's some picys of me being delirious and sporting the new jacket I got from T.S:

12-27-2006 12-38-2112-27-2006 12-37-08

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