July 30, 2004

just woke up at two after passing out earlier. guh. tummy. owie.

once again my suaveness is affirmed by suave band people contacting me. thanks for the pic Stoni of Mad Sin!

I fear I'll spill another beverage into this shity keyboard, which Im using again as a result of spilling booze in my nice ass cordless one. ...thats the second of that model that Ive ruined with booze now. BAD KITTY! *slap* It was during a cam performance too ...oi!

Since I'm a member of the 'only undies club' its only right I have some of their undies ...send me money, or buy me some or something if you know my addy.

the motherfucking THING roommate I live with let the phone bill get too high apparently, cause its been shut off, and the electricity isnt far behind. I think I'll send in money for MY electricity use, since its under his name, its his debt, but I just dont want that shit getting shut off.

July 29, 2004

I list myself as an 'oi girl' all over the place, you know as in oi..music. ...well apparently it stands for something else too:

You SERIOUSLY rock, I hope you will join DIVINE DOMINATION...I feel a
in common with you. I have Cerebral Palsy, am I correct in observing
have OI?


how wierd...ey?

I got all fucked up as hell last night. I have a bunch of injuries and shit. I should take pictures. ...I also feel all faint. It's cool, I think.

all the nightmares came today...and it looks as though they're here to stay

latest installment of nastyness:

July 28, 2004

eating is for the weak.

July 27, 2004

I just had a dream that I was with my mother, and then it went from that to me being with my ex girlfriend and her wanting me back, and then it went from that to me being on one of those stupid fucking 'locked in this place with these people for twenty days' reality shows, where they wouldnt let me have any booze, and one of the people in there with me was someone who'd talked to me on my sex line in the past.

it was fucking disgusting.

I took a personality disorder quiz, these were my results

I wanna go to Rockabilly Weekend ...who's taking me?

send me $$$ so I can buy clothes from daddy'os


July 26, 2004

the man I wanna talk to isnt online.....none of my bitches are online....today fucking sucks

at least I found this link though: http://www.rumblersnyc.com/ ...and this link http://www.speedandterror.com/

July 25, 2004

mixing cider, whisky, white russian, and goldschlagger last night made me puke all fuckin over and pass out on the bathroom floor with my piercing jewelry fallen out all around me.

Now that I have short hair, I need to get lots of wigs n shit, dont you think? Check out this awesome fuckin site yo, it entertained ME http://www.deucekustoms.com/

I think I'm gonna start calling my cunt my 'runt' ...copyright! send me money through amazon, or I'll chop your dick off, k?

here's a much better MAD SIN link...dont click it if you cant listen to some excellente music at the moment, cause their intro is rockin.

July 24, 2004

dude....fucking MAD SIN is my new fuckin favorite band ok, Kai (of the branded ones) told me about em. I demand you go to my amazon wishlist and buy me the rest of their cds....NOW whore. Now.

Roy the aussie boy toy got me all that cher stuff, finally. *blush of cher love*

then look at this picture and acknowledge my chubyness.

my fucking dog chewed up my little purple ass dildo!>!>!> *cry*

July 23, 2004

I just wrote this poemy song...you'd have to hear the tune, listen to it here (if you promise to keep in mind this is my first recording of the jingle) while you read it...this was written with this guy in mind...and stuff. ....yea the tune would be very samhainy, because thats just the mood Im in, and anyways when I sing its very howly, cause im a zombie howler. yep. so there we have it. I know rhyming 'be' with 'be' looks wrong, but it doesnt sound wrong, believe me. I need to write the notes down, how tedious. oh and...here's a pic I took while I was groggy and thinking up the diddy: here

he is gonna hold you
yea he'll be free to do
all the things you've always been
warned about

you know that you're just dyin to be
the victim of his misery
on your knees you pray to be

his whore in a box
whore in a box

at his side, you're buried alive
all your freedom layed aside
inside you'll stay, inside you'll die

his whore in a box
whore in a box

slavery is your destiny
youre a good girl, so happy to be
locked in a tomb only he can see

youre a whore in a box
his whore in a box

heres another song I just made ...if you can call these things songs...zombie cock

you do remember my POGUES fanlisting??

yummie pogues lyrics:

I could have been someone
Well so could anyone
You took my dreams from me
When I first found you
I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
Can't make it all alone
I've built my dreams around you

guess what, bitches, you can now give me something that'll make my clit spin, fucking musicians friend gift certificates. YUMMY YUMMY *rub*

dont you hate everything? kill kill kill .. ......WARGASM WARGASM 123!

hey loser bitch ass submissive fucks...heres my vicsec balance. I want more. make it grow, puffy fucks, I want gift certificates sent to jessiekittycom@yahoo.com:

July 22, 2004

dude. life is fucked up. it fucking sucks.
lets distract ourselves with some polls:

poll#1 how long have you known of my righteous existance?

poll#2 like my new hair?

July 21, 2004

its fucking JOHN LOVITZ'S birthday today. better recognize!

fucking DITSY BINT made me a fan sign! she is my favoritest female in the cam world. This is my DAY man! :

Jennifer Saunders: is there anyone suaver? no. I wanna do her.

sissySearch - girlish links

July 20, 2004




fucking dreamed four punk rockers with multicolored liberty spikes stole my backpack. Im gonna kill em!

xmike.com forum...way too fucking anal for me. every post I make gets modified or deleted. fuck that.

jerry springer, hangover, wierd mood, fuck you sluts, buy me stuff.

verotika erotica

July 19, 2004

Im pretty:

I just had this dream about this guy that I want from online. He's really special. Not just a random hot dude. I'm so lucky I just had that dream. It felt so real. It felt like it must really feel to touch him...and have him lume over me. God I wish dreams could like. I dont know. I dont know where Im going with this....Im just really upset that I woke up. What the fuck.

Miss Jessie likes to write dirty little things....

in my head...they're performed completely mentors style.

some are from a male point of view, some female. but they're all vile, just like yours truely. care to take a glance? :

gimme your fist
shove it in past the wrist
I dont want it where I piss
I need an ASS fist

yea fuck her ass
and fuck her face
dont slow down the hammering pace

make her cry, man, make her weep
fuck her awake, or when she's asleep


put your dick back in your pocket
I wont be your faggot socket

I told you homo, just the other day
I aint gay, not even for pay

dont follow me to the fuckin mens room
unless you want it to become your tomb

we gotta grab a gun and a beer
gonna shoot some queers, while we listen to FEAR


I love to sniff
my mans ball sweat
when he smells like piss
it makes me wet

I love to choke
on his big hard cock
it brings me running
from across the block

On my knees
Im there to please
especially if his dick
smells like disease

so I bob my head
until my face turns red
and my big fat cock
tells me to spread


I feel something creeping
I feel something drip
so I put my hand
up under my slip

dig my fingers
around in my spot
and look down to see
a fresh blood clot

I howl in pleasure
at what I see:
another month
free of pregnancey


dirty cunt always makes me hard
crud oozin out that looks like lard

greasy hair flowing down her back
dirty belly button and rotting butt crack

I love pussy that smells like cock
I got a bedroom, aint fit for livestock

tranny trick in a skirt and a wig
Ill pay to fuck her if she smells like a pig


I love to fuck the dead
I love to imagine what she would've said

I prowl the graveyard on a foggy night
my dick gets hard when I find a fresh site

fag with aids, or a teen who drown
they all turn me on when they're underground

oh yes

I love to fuck the dead
put my dick right in her head

an empty eyesocket feels better than
any live girl pussy EVER can


when I get drunk
and I wanna hunt
I fantasize about cutting up a little girls cunt

hearin her scream would be my wet dream
I'll fuck her up, then make her lick it clean

little girls they come and go
when I'm done, I'll kill her,
and no one will know


ok thats enough for now.

July 18, 2004

July 15, 2004

my fav australian bitch boy sent me lots of victorias secret money, im getting this stuff ;> :

*pictures to be filled in when Im less sleepy and drunk tomorrow*

freaky dominant bitch shit, 'Masturcise'

That shit about Danzig getting punched is just FABULOUS!

~{oo how I sighed....when they asked if I knew his name. And it was allright....the band was all together.... yes it was all....allright. the song went on forever. and at was....awful nice.....really quite...paradise, and he sang allllll night. all night long}~


Fetish Erotica

July 14, 2004

did anyone see me blow my boyfriend on yahoo cam last night? I cant believe I let people watch that for free.... Oh well..I was drunk. ....afterwards we went and smoked joints and drank whisky with some bad ass black lady across the street. It was a good night!

July 12, 2004

god I love snotty hot exciting internet fags. Armond is my newest find, the yummy beast added me to his cam portal, check him out.

by the by...I've got a new little french hottie who's totally making himself unattractive with el spooge eating (and paying me for it, duh) have a see:

July 11, 2004

check out my latest trick, he pays me to eat his own cum *giggle*
its not quite clear, but there WAS disgusting cum all over his hand.

July 10, 2004

wow. way too much E and tiki clubbing last night...and way too much of me purposely pissing all over the floor to turn my boyfriend on. *giggle*

tranny surprise, yummy x latin skanks, hmmm x blonde lesbo shit, totally run of the mill

July 8, 2004

I have something to say. and Im all fucked up.

I keep having these wretched flashes of flossing my moms teeth and yelling in her face cause she was kind of in a coma and I didnt know if she could hear me or not and like from the very back of her throast I haerd her squeeze out "l luhh you too" and that will like never leave my fucking retinas man. I mean why did she have to go out like that, if at all. you know what I mean? she was only 53.

She was so beautifuly kind and loving. She was an angelic human. And I had to watch the fucking blood collect as gravity pulled it while she layed there dead waiting for the people to take her away. I was fucking holding her hand and screaming no while she was dying. I could tell she was by the way she started breathing all fucking up. it only took like 30 seconds. I had been sitting at her bedside for like a week beforehand.

I was shooting all her dillaudids up. I was like heavily fucking addicted to dope and prescription dope at the time. dillauidids were BETTER than the fuckin heroin. I was doing so much of it. I was shooting up a pill or two every fuckin half hour and shit. I was hoping I'd die with her. I should have died with her. I think I was supposed to.

July 7, 2004

I had such a fucked up dream about my mom, her being alive, and me drinking all these bottles of milk. They were shaped like pop bottles. Thats some really sick wierd grieving shit. I woke up in the worst mood. What the fuck, I hate everyone.


July 4, 2004

hahaha skanky dudes caught in the act, and this time, my reaction was caught in the act too:



happy fourth of july! buy me stuff!

July 3, 2004

this site is another find that can be attributed to Andrea. its pretty cute.

The Sex Pistols
Old school punk! You just say what you have to say
regardless of what everyone else thinks!
You're one of my most favourite types of
music... You're raw and uncut! You're
surrounded by hype...just don't let it make you
go insane...

What genre of rock are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

July 2, 2004

Vote for our site!

dude check out this picture of this chicks tits ...they belong to necroraven ...I dont know what kind of top she's wearing in that pic, but I MUST have it yo.

Dirty Cams ;>