January 20, 2007

It's all set up, I'm moving into my new place on or before March 1st. (WE're moving in). Joe is at work right now... one of his last shifts. He's quitting a month early so he can concentrate on his home business and bulk it up before we move, also so we can pack with ease, and get this house nice and neat for our departure. Man I can't wait to look at a city scape again... after four months of staring at trees and a siloh. I couldnt even make it 6 months living here this time around. heheh! I mailed in the deposit and etc for our new place, and packed the first box yesterday. Crazyness.

I'm extremely excited, therefor I've been watching this rocky horror picture show / priscilla queen of the desert video over and over again:

Drew Carey: Time Warp & Groove Thing

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