January 14, 2007

I am SO into Corey Feldman, Flight of the Navigator, and movies and troubled stars in general who surfaced in the eighties. I'm reminded of FRY in FUTURAMA making the '\m/ rock' and '\mn/ hang ten' hand gestures while blaring 'I like big butts' in his little man made 20th century apartment. We're currently lusting for music of "simple minds" "orchestral maneuvers in the dark" "thompson twins" and..more.

I've been doing the whole 'ew its winter, I must divert myself from all sedintary activities' thing. Lots of cleaning, and wandering around stores is involved. Email me, (and if you know me ---->)call me, text me, etc. Yogi(Terry), Andrea, Ben&Jordan. I love you guys ;>

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