January 1, 2008

Joe and I went out and partied hard last night, happy new years, it was great and crazy, blah blah blah. Now for the good stuff:

THE NHL WINTER CLASSIC 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who don't already know, The Buffalo Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins are playing an OUTDOOR game today, starting at noon central time. This is the first NHL outdoor game to be played in the united states, and the first outdoor game in something like ten years. (the heritage classic, was it?) ...anyway. This is hot hot shit. As I like to make known, Joe and I are huge sabres fans. (buffalo is his home town... I lived there a up until about a year ago). Yea. We just got back from the store, where we stocked up on hornsbys cider and PBR. It's a happy party at my house today! Go Buffalo! Kotalik is so hot...*woo* We toootally wish we were tailgating at the actual GAME right now though, aw ;/





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