February 1, 2007

I lose a lot of business because I pretty much don't have the ability to be civil to dumbasses...and nearly all bdsm people are fucking so stupid they make me want to head butt my computer. i.e:

beastlyvamp: hello
jessiekittycom : ....
beastlyvamp: i saw Your website
beastlyvamp: it was intereting
jessiekittycom : so
beastlyvamp: what exactly do You do, dominate?
jessiekittycom : *snort*
jessiekittycom : I guess your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired
jessiekittycom : fuck off flake

I'm not a bdsm person you know. I'm not all into 'the scene' ...I don't think bdsm is cooool. I think its fucking gay. Fuck you losers. I just take your money, and you like me cause I'm being myself... not playing some faggot 'domme' role.

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