February 11, 2007

Doing shots of whiskey, and packing. Hurray!

I'm taking a break and sitting here watching Billy Idol's 'Hot in the City' video. It's turning me the fuck on. He is the epitome of hot white male. *scream* ...Joe is watching with me, getting randy and telling me he likes it that I wanna fuck Mr Idol. Go Joe! ....thats right Billy..... tear off that clothes.... be a peeping tom. Whack off. Myea. The rebel flag with elvis on it alone made me ..moan.

Billy Idol: He, his music, and his videos still turn me on like no other. Enjoy.

Hot in the City:

Dancing With Myself:

and here's the link to: Eyes Without a Face


and for good measure, go watch Judas Priest: Breakin' the Law!

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