February 16, 2007

Joe and I turned into moaning groaning sex zombies last night and fucked for hours ...we were saying probably the sickest shit we've ever said to eachother. It was heaven. We used up all the condoms dammit. We were so busy fucking allll evening and night, we forgot to eat dinner. (which I suspect is the reason for my evil brandy hangover, along with dehydration from all the physical activity heheh). Previousley we'd been drinking and acting like sluts on the computer with some of our hot friends. What good times!!!! ....now we're piddling around at the kitchen island eating some lovely lovely omelletes that I made. (one of the few things I can cook decently). They have broccoli, cheese, leeks, cherry tomatoes, chillie peppers, and salsa. Mmmmmm! We're watching some adorable 'looney toones babies' cartoon.

Sabres winning last night was fucking hot, and with Max scoring a goal on a broken wrist! I hope he heals fast ;/ And oh my GOD I can't believe the Predators got Forsberg, where did that come from? I'm glad though, can't wait to go to a preds game!

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