January 7, 2009

Being who I am, doing what I do... I run into a lot of stupid people on a regular basis. Usually I ignore it... but when someone acts especially revolting, I feel compelled to 'tell on them' by posting about it. Check out the comment that this shining example of shiteousness left on one of my myspace photos today:

The little prick. First of all, let's explore his profile. What do we find? He's into slipknot (ew!) and he has a bunch of little banners all over his page saying 'fuck you, fuck you, die' and the like. He has a banner with a joke on it making fun of retards. He named one of his photo albums 'pimp shit'...and he labels his blog with 'I hope this pisses you off'. He has gross piercings and he comes off creepy, and mental in general. Yea, he seems really concerned about being a 'good role model'.

Now lets talk about his bullshit views. It's wrong to shake your ass? It's wrong to take hot pictures of yourself? If a chick acts like a sex toy, it means she has no self worth? No. All bitches capable of doing so should be sexy and fun, otherwise they're a failure, in my opinion. Maybe he has issues with chicks like me because his girl appears to be a plain baby factory. To actually answer his generic question, I'd say I post sexy pictures on myspace because it's good for business, because I enjoy it, and because others enjoy it. I'm being myself, and it's doing very well for me. Jealous? ...that shit about it not being SAFE for me to post these pictures is ridiculous pitiful paranoid propoganda, too. If I weren't the SMART bad ass girl that I am, yea maybe I'd end up in dangerous situations, considering the fact that I meet submissives for sessions, and do all of the public stuff that I do. But I do not EVER run into any trouble, because I am brilliant, and I am running shit.

What is HE doing on my page anyway? Mr family man, with his ugly girl, ugly daughter, and his insipid little attitude about 'being good'. Would his wife or girlfriend or whatever appreciate him oggling my pictures? In fact, why did he even add me on myspace? It's not like I know him... I just accept any and all of the hundreds of requests I get every week. ...huh... telling me I appear insecure... insecure MEN always treat chicks like me this way. They can't have me, so they try to hate me.... but they just can't look away, mm? ;>

Was he feeling guilty about being a little bitchy perv and digging through my shit? Did he say that idiocy at me to try to make himself feel less guilty? Or, as his profile seems to imply, does he just enjoy pissing people off? In any case, he wins the 'worthless bag of blood' award for the month. The second I saw that comment, I felt the need to shoot off a dumb snotty little email at him:

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