November 3, 2008

I've been flying around doing insane shit. Insane shit. Secrets! *hehe* I've figured out how to hook my cell phone to yahoo messenger so all you JessieKitty addicts smart enough to buy my yahoo id will now have access to me no matter where in the world I am. ..(and you better be contacting me to kiss my ass and give me money, bitch!).

So anyhow... after all the wild partying and bullshit that's been going on me and Joe are being eachothers sponsers and getting ourselves all cleaned up (again). You have to be more creative to have fun when you're not cocktailing, hm!

Now my ass is parking at home for a good long while, so you can look forward to lots of new videos and pic sets. Also, you'll be seeing more action on my house cams. (my apartment is wired with a few voyeur cams that you can subscribe to spy on, just click here)!

Fuck. I just went and looked at my own spy cams. I need to get my scooter out of the livingroom. We've gotta clean out the storage space first, bleh.

A Halloween blowjob has been added to my video store... hah, it's so fucking silly! Very fun to make ;>


if you have any brains left, you were listening to DEADBOLT on halloween, like me:

Did you forget to send me TREATS for samhain? Take your lovely rump to my amazon wishlist and blow lots of money! I command it ;> <3

curious about what other have bought me? click here to see the purchased side of my wishlist. You can also check out my wishlist blog.. (anything you purchase will show up there). here are some new favorite arrivals:

100_1271 100_1259


My norwegian sugar daddy is busy with all of his corporate business man shit.. so I've got some spare time to dabble with some new spoilin' big spending admirers *twinkle*. Just buy me some stuff from wishlist or send me some cash and then get ahold of me.

(this is a call out to SUGAR DADDIES... not stupid nasty bitch submissives, and regular dumbass whack off pervs. Those losers can contact me here).

Speaking of gross stupid submissives who I profit off of, look at this big nasty strap on I got for 'work' related purposes. Hah! Nasty!

10-23-2008 13-26-02

I've gotten an amazing response to my blonde hair, since I changed it last may. Love it. All of a sudden way more black guys n' dolls are into me. Fun.


You need to listen to my fucking awesome radio blog:

11-01-2008 15-50-37

did SNL get good again when I wasn't looking?

best View impersonation ever:

who is the genius playing Joy B. ?

hehehehe, I dressed my chihuahua Vincent Price as a princess for halloween! Don't worry, I took the costume off before he got annoyed. My lil fucker.


there are these kids who live in the complex that I fucking hate. two blonde twin boys who I call the children of the corn, and one mexican kid who always has a bag of doritos, and is therefor dubbed dorito boy. I'm mean to them. It's fun. I was hoping they would come trick or treating at my door so I could give them this:

they never came though. maybe I'll auction the gross candy off to some pervert retard on ebanned (click the link for my new auctions).


as always, you can call me on niteflirt anytime by dialing 1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 01241219, or by clicking this button:

deadbolt (deadbolt)


I realllly love shopping, and it's a new season requiring new I'm totally craving some gift cards! Wether they're online certificates, or actual gift cards that you send me in the mail, I want want want!

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check out my honeys Ben and Jordan (dressed for halloween of course):



hahahah fucking excellent!

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