November 4, 2008

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All of this ridiculous 'team obama' 'team mccain' 'just get up and VOTE' stuff... wake up you guys! If you're into obama, your heart is HOPEFULLY in the right place, but you're still being snowed.

As we've already seen, they will manipulate the vote count to agree with the choice they've ALREADY made. ..(new world order! just look at the money in your pocket! look at the symbols all over their government buildings! WAKE THE FUCK UP!)..That choice is obama. Here I am, mark my words, they've been said by many before. obama went to the bilderberg meeting. period. he'll win.

Why? Because aside from pissing off a fat load of dumb old mccain supporters, they're going to be lulling society into a false sense of liberty and happyness, and security. Yay, we have a justice seeking hero running our country! We've come so far!.... LIES!

Both candidates are puppets. Look deep down... you know it to be true. Don't you feel a BIT foolish frothing at the mouth over your dumb puppet candidate? Does it feel normal to you? Do these seem like feelings and behaviors you enjoy or find to be natural? All the obama people keep emailing me saying 'change change change'. The change is pretend. Its not real. When you see a cheap pitiful piece of propaganda like a contrived awful t shirt featuring barack and MLK jr. ...don't you see how transparent it is? The attempt? The facade?

Recognize that this is a spurned on idiotic mirage created to distract us, and keep us busy acting stupid and being on 'opposite teams'. It should be obvious to you that they are keeping us divided so that we don't ever wake the fuck up and fight their EVIL as a whole. They've been creating slave races for a long long time, don't let it happen to you.

Open your eyes and start questioning everything, even though it's unpleasant. I mean everything ..not just this election. ...I know this is a very uncomfortable topic and you'd rather not think about any of this gross bullshit, but you have to. At least sometimes.

What we SHOULD be doing is tearing down their treachery, so at the least, please acknowledge it. Don't join in, don't be taken. Don't fall for it, just because it's easy. Don't be scared and lazy brained. No fate could be worse than being their slave.

I've been saying this stuff on myspace for awhile. A righteous like minded chick from chicago (rabbit - from just sent me this video. This guy is getting into a lot more detail about voting:



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