November 7, 2008

Alright... I spent my childhood in California. I've been around lots of hispanic people. They're... normal regular people. I love lots of mexicans, so don't think I'm being an evil shit here..but..

I happen to live in an apartment complex here in Nashville that is mostly mexican. (it's not a bad neighborhood, its just a big OLD place so its giant apartments for cheap). I think they shipped their worst ghetto scum to this complex. I'm serious. These are not normal nice mexicans. These people are freaky trash.

Regularly my boyfriend and I observe their fucked up behavior, either in angry horror, like when they're not taking responsability for their children, or robbing cars in the parking lot, or walking around on drugs with ugly hookers.. or we watch with great humor, like when they do bizarre stuff such as lean up against a filthy rotten diseased overflowing dumpster as if it were a soft tree in the forrest.. or when they get drunk and dance around acting all weird and homo-y, hitting eachother with sticks and playing grab ass and molesting eachothers maleness right in plain view..or oh god...when they sit in the lawn and eat grass, when there are big piles of dog shit all around them.

(yes. I saw a mexican dude laying in the grass right outside my window, there were piles of dog shit all around him, and probably under him... and he was grabbing sprigs of grass and shoving them in his mouth.. he wasnt homeless or anything, he was laying around talking on his cell phone. yep. it happened). They lay around in dog shit pretty regularly. Many many people in this complex have dogs because large ones are allowed here (its big). Assholes walk their dogs all around on the grassy areas, and dont pick up after them... and then the mexicans come roll around on the very spot where I saw a pit bull sharting doodies two hours before. It boggles the mind. I'm seriously in awe. I've never seen people roll around on the ground so much.

The reason I bring all this up is because of an incedint that just happened a few minutes ago. Joe was leaving for work. Each morning when he leaves, we have a little ritual of making kissy faces at eachother through the window as he pulls away. This time, our little lovey dovey foofoo was interrupted by a mexican woman walking by, bringing her garbage out. Now... it's raining pretty hard on this beautiful Nashville autumn morning.. and it's windy. So she had an umbrella. ..but.. underneath her umbrella, was her garbage can... resting... on her head. Her dirty, open, nasty garbage can that looked filthy and fucked.. on her head. Not even standing upright on her head. It was on its SIDE, on top of her head. So like. Garbage could fall out all over the place. If you're willing to put rotting garbage on your head... why do you need an umbrella? We laughed our bums off.

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