November 27, 2008

A new family member is what I'm most thankful for, at this moment. I'll let you know more about that later, but in short, she's a new wonderful young dog who has really infused my home with adorable wonderful LOVE this thanksgiving!

My handsome delicious boyfriend is currently rolling a green smokey treat. We've infused meat back into our diet for the yule season, and he's roasting a pork butt AND a turkey breast. (boing!) We cooked a sweet little pumpkin, and made real from scratch pumpkin pie together.

We're drinking Blue Moon Brewing Company 'Full Moon' winter ale, and watching our cherished thanksgiving movie tradition 'Trading Places' with Dan Akyroyd and Eddie Murphy.

I'm so fucking happy right now. Of course the booze is a large part of that... heheh

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