March 16, 2009

yes, I realize the conversation below is a tad spazzy and not too important... but I just wanted to let all of you sad insecure fake fucks know that us valid people DO know what you're doing.....:

jessiekittycom _: you know whats so sad
jessiekittycom _: when people make a mistake
jessiekittycom _: and then try to pretend that they were just testing you
jessiekittycom _: for example
jessiekittycom _: my twit says 'remember madder rose?'
jessiekittycom _: the band madder rose, Im talking about
jessiekittycom _: well a stupid disgusting retard pervert just imed me saying 'steven kings madder rose? the book? yes, I remember it. I read it."
andrea6987: ok, wasnt there a book yeah
andrea6987: hahaha
jessiekittycom _: and I said 'madder rose is a band, and they came before the book'
jessiekittycom _: and he goes 'hahaha, I knew that would get you!'
jessiekittycom _: trying to pretend that he was just messing with me
jessiekittycom _: no, liar, you were just WRONG
andrea6987: oh. yeah... mmmkay
jessiekittycom _: dont try to turn it into 'oh im smarter than you, I just fooled you'
jessiekittycom _: that shit is so pitiful and transparent
jessiekittycom _: some idiot did that to me over some lyrics a few weeks ago too
jessiekittycom _: a complete stranger sends me a mail
jessiekittycom _: MISquoting some L7 lyrics
jessiekittycom _: misquoting is no big deal, obviously
jessiekittycom _: and I replied, correcting his lyrics
jessiekittycom _: and then he said back 'oh, yep, she passed the test'
jessiekittycom _: talking ABOUT me, TO me
jessiekittycom _: pretending that he misquoted on purpose to TEST me
jessiekittycom _: fucking sad sad motherfucking people, man.
andrea6987: ha, sad. like anyone remembers every single thing theyve heard ever, word for word
andrea6987: be human, people. it IS okay
jessiekittycom _: being so fucking insecure that you cant just laugh off a mistake you made
jessiekittycom _: instead you have to lie to try to make the person who corrected you feel like YOU were the one who knew what was going on the whole time
jessiekittycom _: oh no... I didnt make a simple little unimportant mistake, no.
jessiekittycom _: I am a GENIUS and I was TESTING you
andrea6987: silly silly silly

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Johnnay said...

Rose Madder was the Stephen King book. Not Madder Rose.