October 23, 2007

Drinking white russians, and watching the excellent movie Dagon ...it's very obvious I'm descended of the fish people. Yea, this movie is fucking awesome, you've gotta watch it. Obviously I can't talk about this flick, without thinking of what Freeman's said about it. (He's a very neat dude, check him out). I'd like to point out, just because all the power hungry pitiful evil sick shit bitch people in the world today worship MY fish people ancestors, doesn't mean they were bad. Bad people are just trying to conjure, I say, with no proof of my opinion.




heres a shitload of repetative pics of ME ME ME

10-20-2007 11-41-1810-20-2007 11-45-44
Punk Rock Pin Ups
10-20-2007 11-55-1610-20-2007 12-48-12
10-20-2007 12-51-1210-20-2007 12-53-06
10-20-2007 13-05-3610-20-2007 13-10-42
10-20-2007 13-14-3410-20-2007 13-50-00
All Adult Pass
10-20-2007 13-51-4010-20-2007 13-55-57
10-20-2007 13-59-1310-20-2007 14-00-43
10-20-2007 14-01-1610-20-2007 14-02-13
XXX Proposal - wife trading x cuck fantasy!
10-20-2007 14-05-2510-20-2007 14-12-17
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10-20-2007 14-17-4410-20-2007 13-55-06
10-20-2007 14-55-12

speaking of the glory of all things water, I dabbed out another lil painting, yay:


look at my lil lulu's:


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