October 9, 2007

new clips in my VIDEO STORE!

10-06-2007 19-52-5410-06-2007 19-53-30
10-06-2007 19-57-4810-06-2007 20-01-54
10-06-2007 20-06-0610-06-2007 20-09-17
10-06-2007 20-13-2410-06-2007 21-50-38
10-06-2007 20-04-12

can you tell Im all weirded out from taking too many herbal energy pills lately? *boing*

Also doing FOOT FETISH cam shows allll day through camcontacts.

(haha, crush fetish vid!)
10-05-2007 09-28-08

How cute would I look in this dress?
Car Hop Dress

Look at my yummy pal Cash, of The Cash O'Riley Show:



He (and his downright daddies) are excellent. Check out the site and the myspace.

and buy his cd!

Cash O'Riley - Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartaches

The Couch Trip:

this movie is on cable right now, and its fucking PERFECTION!!!! Starring malcontent misfits, such as myself, Dan Aykroyd and Walter Matthou.

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