October 6, 2008

I've outdone myself! This is my coolest game so far...

It's long, sexy, and full of amazingness!

recordings, videos, guessing games, games of chance, pictures.... and my amazing personality are all wrapped up in this hot awesome game.

*big smile* I'm excited.

open this mail to begin Miss Kitty's Drain Game!!!!:

Joe and I have decided to throw away almost all of our clothes so we can get new wardrobes. I just sent five big garbage bags full to the goodwill.

I already accomplished my goal of getting a shiny new sexy vespa'y scooter *pant*... so now I'm on to the next, which is ... "upgrading" the wardrobes.

I will be adding tons of clothing to my withlist ALL DAY:

my wishlist

you will check regularly and purchase every time you visit.

I will also be adding tons of shit to my boyfriends wishlist (the one I keep for him, with all MY desires for things he should get):

my boyfriend's wishlist

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