October 2, 2008

Stefan W: how does it feel to be adored so much? and when did the idea come up to be on the 'net? i think it's awesome.
jessiekittycom: when I first got a computer
jessiekittycom: a hundred million years ago
jessiekittycom: dudes would try to talk to me, and I talked to a few
jessiekittycom: and once they got to know me they started offering to send me money, when I mentioned being broke
jessiekittycom: and wanted to buy me presents n stuff.
jessiekittycom: it all just kind of grew from there.
jessiekittycom: and then I started selling porn on the sideline
jessiekittycom: and then I started making some pornographicy kind of stuff
jessiekittycom: yep, Im proceeding down the uh
jessiekittycom: dirty fun ... adult industry self employment highway at a nice speed

The more INTERESTING part, probably, is how I got into doing the BDSM stuff for exciting profit. ...there's one dude who had a very large impact on that. I was being a dirty little bitch and selling panties and stuff... I attracted a lot of the submissive types because of my loudness, and one in particular got all cool at me, and did a bunch of really nice shit for me. I don't know if I should reveal his name... I wonder if he would guess that I'm speaking of him. I know he reads my blog once in awhile. Do you realize I'm talking about you? Rum. That's your hint. The word Rum.

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