July 31, 2008

I have NEW AUCTIONS posted! One is even for WEBCAM with me ;>

I did an auction last week, where I sold a pair of my panties that I tied up Joe's dick with while I sucked and gave him a handjob. It was totally spur of the moment, and he ADORED it. And there was nothing lame and 'bdsm' about me tying up his dick, I just did it for cock ring type reasons ;> hehehe. Plus he loved it, the dirty fuck.


some self hating jew bought it. for reals.

and speaking of my boyfriends beautiful cock, there's a new video in my store, which I made especially for one sicko, in which I taunt the viewer by smacking my boyfriends dick and feet around in their face, pov style. Here's the picture I'm using to advertise it hahahhaa isnt this funny?:


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