July 26, 2008

delicious movies that you MUST watch:

The Grand


A fucking GREAT like mocumentary type of movie with the always delicious Woody Harrelson, and a bunch of other big name stars. (Woody is a hot trash drunk drugged out loser who owns what was once a famous casino in vegas. He ends up having to compete in his own casinos big time poker tournament to try to win the money to keep it). You will LOVE this movie!




Skinned Deep



This movie is disgusting and perfect. deformaty, inbreeding, bikers, serial murder, bad acting, and comedy all wrapped into one. The plot is fucking great and there are MANY amazing fight scenes haha! Majorly b rate.

It's even got Warwick Davis!!!!! (you know, the blessed 'little person' who was in 'Willow' and played the bad guy in the ultra awesome Leprechaun horror movies, of which I own all <3 ) p.s.... how hot was Val Kilmer in that movie? God damn! I'm gonna go add it to my wishlist, and I expect it to be purchased within 24 hours!




one childhood obsession I have NO intention of getting over.

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