July 24, 2008

Ok, this is not the important 'post' that Ive been claiming I was going to make, but I just have to come say this right away..

I'm in the middle of 'working' right now. I'm broadcasting my cam on all of the many places I run it through all at once (yes, I'm devious).

Anyway. I just did this show on imlive with this guy. He was a black dude with a giant dick. I accepted his show purchase after reading that he loves to be called a 'dirty nigger'. I have lots and lots of black guys who like that kind of treatment from me. Now, you should be made aware, I usually genuinely LIKE these black gentlemen who like this naughty mean race abuse shit. I'm not getting off on it out of racist freaky satisfaction, I think it's just more how bad and taboo and fucked up it is. I just really really like it.

And anyway... I was doing that show with that dude. He was nice looking and had a HUGE crazy insane legendary monster black guy cock. He had a fetish for being called a dirty nigger and etc, and he had a thing for ass tits and SPIT. So I teased him with goods, and then started spitting and yelling at him, and he came like a crazy fuck. Afterwards I went out to tell Joe about it, and he fucking admitted that he was peaking in the bedroom door whacking off spying on me do that show! What a filthy fucker!

Thats all.

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