December 20, 2006

There's a heck of a lot going on with my DutchSlut if you care to check it out in my forum (thats a direct link to the thread)...She's been being a good little cum dumpster and blowing lots of dough on me ;>.....heres some pics of me in the jacket dutch slutty bought (im also wearing the MAC eyeshadow she got me)..and actually she just ordered me this same jacket in black from the army surplus store... but it's not arrived yet:

12-20-2006 08-40-1412-20-2006 08-39-53
12-20-2006 08-39-3712-20-2006 08-39-15
12-20-2006 08-16-5912-20-2006 08-24-03
12-20-2006 08-29-4312-20-2006 08-22-35
12-20-2006 09-10-3012-20-2006 09-12-38
12-20-2006 09-14-5312-20-2006 09-12-41

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