December 17, 2006


12132006, originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.

This pic is from the other day, when I was happily cooking up trouble, thank you! was a fabulous game day I believe, unlike the game last night, during which the sabres actually played pretty well, but couldnt get the puck in the net for unknown satanic reasons. Hm. And right after I was talking a bunch of cavelier smack at some ottowa dude on a cam site. DAMMIT! I love em though *heart*. SABRES! ....yes.

So... I was doing my new 'crunch' brand workout yesterday, and randomly this chick I loved from the last 'temptation island' was one of the background workout bitches! It was meant to be. I adored that chick on the show. Here's another pic of my handy work:


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