December 12, 2006

you know what kicks ass? taking a bunch of zantrex and searching through the house for shit to burn, i.e. old boxes. Yay for warm days in december......after burning things, I enjoyed cleaned out all the dressers and closets.... and of course you must spend two hours being obsessive in the shower, shaving and perfecting everything, and using wonderful fabulous cinnamon body wash, followed by vanilla spice lotion with 'shimmer' in it. RAR! Im all REFLECTIVE. THEN exciting new eye shadow was delivered. YES!

I tried to make todays slightly mundane activities sound as exciting as possible.... how'd I do? I AM actually having a pretty good time, super productivo, rar! I'm recording tonights sabres game to watch with Joe when he gets home (no one tell me the score dammit). He's bringing treats. *grin* woowoo!

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