December 17, 2006


000_2385, originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.

this is my new kitten, Roy Oribson, he's such a little scampy fucker! He clearly didn't get the right kind of attention when he was a tiny kitten, because he's all claws and not used to physical love....but I'm getting him used to smooshy mooshy loveydovey. He's now no longer afraid of my face and hands. (he was born around gross CHILDREN who manhandled him, ugh...children repulse me hardcore). I've got this wool blanket that he loves, he gets all purry and cross eyed, and kneeds it with his hands, and sucks on it like he thinks its a mommy tummy....and I lay with him and pet him and whisper sweet fluffys into his ear while I kiss him all over. *droning on to myself about my wonderful wonderful Oi Boy (thats roy orbisons nickname)*


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